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    What's the point of Blue Ray?

    I honestly can't see the difference, even if it does look slightly better, unless they manage to pull off at least another 500 pixels it's not worth the money.

    And people always say: "It has a lot...
  2. If my facebook page gets banned / reported to police, will my identity get revealed?

    I got this page and people are threatning to report it to the police, I was wondering will the police reveal my name to who reported it as im an admin ?
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    Car Audio Newbie, Some Q's?

    I have more than enough money to spend on a car audio system, so money isnt the issue. I want to go a full kicker route for my 2014 subie wrx sti that is coming in a week. It says it has 6 speakers...
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    my lg optimus g pro is really hot?

    I did a tempature on ghe phone it said 109 degrees abd the last two days it has been running really slugish. Can i get a replacenent from the manufacturer. If not how can i fix it or completely reset...
  5. Change language on a ex japan dvd player AVN5504D Eclipse?

    Hi i recently brought a car dvd/cd/stereo and was wondering if there's anyway i can change the luggage to English or it there's software that i can flash it with its an model: AVN5504D Brand: Eclipse
  6. Fantasy football question: Should I start Leveon Bell or Andre Brown this week?

    Brown has a better matchup (Cowboys as opposed to Bell against the Browns) and is probably a better back but he gives up goal line work to Brandon Jacobs where Bell is the guy in Pittsburgh with no...
  7. Is I want you (she's so heavy) by The Beatles a hard bass riff for a rookie?

    I have the opening and the first part of the into any tips that can help? I usually Youtube tutorials but I can't find any good ones.
  8. How do I update my iPhone without losing all my games progress?

    My phone will not stop bothering me to update. Last time I updated it I lost all my games progress and had to start over on everything from angry birds, to hay day, and raising fish was all back to...
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    Is meguiars cleaner wax any good?

    I was wondering since all that I have is meguiars cleaner wax, would that be good to use to wax my car with? Or should I buy a paste wax? I am going to be claying the car before I put any wax on.
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    Good sea monster horror movies?

    What are some decent horror/thriller movies that involve sea monsters?
  11. Blackberry definatly if u can get them. They have...

    Blackberry definatly if u can get them. They have everything u could want on a cell phone definatly the blackberry
  12. leave it like it is i hat it when some one pimps...

    leave it like it is i hat it when some one pimps a truck,car,atv,dirt bike and motorcycle
  13. leave it like it is i hat it when some one pimps...

    leave it like it is i hat it when some one pimps a truck,car,atv,dirt bike and motorcycle
  14. Does my 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee with the 4.0L have a distributor or a coil?

    I am having an ignition problem and I was wondering whether the 1999 Jeep Cherokee had a Coil Pack or a Distributer? It has the 4.0 Liter Inline 6. Thanks!
  15. There is this teacher that shows favoritism to her daughter what do i do?

    There is this female teacher at my school and she is bi polar and she teaches tv production class and she drives me crazy almost to the point of insanity because she has her daughter in her class...
  16. What is the best way to fix a crack in a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)...

    ...tank, glue or plastic welding? I have been researching what the best method is to fix a crack in a HDPE tank.

    Some sources say it can not be glued and that plastic welding is the only answer, I...
  17. what would a be a good price for a honda fat cat that is in good condition?

    i am wanting to buy one
  18. where are all the donations being kept for VIC?

    seeing as there is no were in the towns to store it while the houses are being rebuilt
  19. my 2 best friends are gay together what should i do?

    Well, here's the deal, i rung the doorbell at my friends to hang out, and one was taking it up the butt from the other. I was creeped and ran away cuz all this time they were gay and i didn't know...
  20. What are the differences between Shaolin, Wutan and Wing Chun, Kung Fu Styles?

    I'm thinking that Wutan is a mix of Kung fu, and that Shaolin seems to be the best form of martial arts, while Wing Chun is slightly more rare and a good fighting style, although Wing Chun is also...
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    Not likely, those ports are likely for OUTPUT,...

    Not likely, those ports are likely for OUTPUT, not input.

    Now it might be possible to do this with tv tuners or video capture cards that would go on the expresscard slot.

    For watching DVD it...
  22. What happens after a sore throat and mouth sores?

    I had a sore throat and mouth sores and am coughing a great deal. I was wondering what comes next in the realm of sickness? am i going to get a fever? I had a ton of sores and have a tickling...
  23. Do colleges only look at times you make at big meets?

    do colleges only look at times you make at senior champs or high school states. or, are all meets of equal importance when it comes to getting a scholarship in swimming.
  24. I bought two bikes and a car this summer, im...

    I bought two bikes and a car this summer, im pretty up to date on registering You need to have proof of insurance, go to a lube shop and get a safety inspections (Utah doesnet need emisions) they...
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    I still don't get how people can like them, but...

    I still don't get how people can like them, but whatever.

    John Lennon.
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