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  1. Were can i find a cd- dvd rom cheap for my hp probook 6460b?

    I need it so i can install windows 7
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    Is the things that read cd and dvd called?

    What are they called tecticnally
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    A riddle? Please answer it?

    Which food never gets salty? Although we pour a lot of salt
    Boiled eggs
    You were all wrong!
  4. Is it just me or are a lot of actors doing straight to DVD releases lately?

    I feel like there is a trend with actors doing straight to DVD's lately, from 2011 onward like:
    Samuel L. Jackson in Arena (2011)
    Mel Gibson in Get the Gringo (2012)
    Paul Giamatti in Ironclad...
  5. Why does the Post office always break about 80% of NETFLIX dvd's sent to me?

    or they mysteriously never arrive
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    Why do my apps keep force closing (IPhone 4S)?

    I was on Kik earlier and it closed and wouldn't open so I deleted it losing all my conversations. I just got them all started and it did it again. Why?! It's pissing me off.
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    Is it possible to increase my height?

    i'm 20 years old boy 5'5. My mother is 5'2 and my father is 5'1. I have 2 brothers, my 24 year old brother is 5'7 and my 30 year old brother is 5'8 ( he gained 3 inches after 21 ) I'm the shortest of...
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    when is the best time to have sex?

    I got my period February 21 2013,lastmonth it was January 19, so its delayed for 2 days,when is the best time to have sex and get pregnant? Tell me please me and my husband want to have baby so bad....
  9. How to restore an iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1) from a back up of another iPhone 4 (iOS...

    ...6.1.3)? I am trying to restore an iPhone 4 currently running iOS 5.1.1 (latest of 5, named Aj!'s iPhone) from a backup of another iPhone 4 that runs iOS 6.1.3 (latest of 6, named Swedish Fish)....
  10. Can I sell my motorola nvg510 u-verse equipment if i paid 100.00 when I got it?

    I purchased a Motorola nvg510 u-verse. I paid 100.00 for it.
    later I moved to another address where ATT was not able to service U-verse.
    I ended getting cable Internet service.
    now I have 8...
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    Torrent download issue?

    I had two torrents downloading at the same time. I started them up 6 hours ago and they are both around 9gb each. The first one was really downloading slow and the second one was downloading at a...
  12. How to watch PLL and gossip girl on iPod/iPad for free?

    I use for other shows but they don't have pretty little liars or gossip girl
    I've tried and it worked for one episode and one episode only , but only for a minute
    Help please...
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    Does anywhere at the honda center sell coffee?

    I'm about to go to a Ducks game at the honda center in anaheim..I'm afraid I'm gonna fall asleep if I don't get some coffee
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    Picture taken before cars with car in it?

    ok so there is an old picture taken before the time of cars, but in the picture, there is a car that hadn't even been invented yet. does anyone know what this picture is called or at least what the...
  15. I have a motorola droid 4 & it stopped working how can I recover lost...

    ...information to put it on the replacement? i was using my phone as i would usually do and the touchscreen on it decided to spontaneously just not work at all and i have a pattern lockscreen so i...
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    how do I log into my newsgroup account?

    for some reason it will not allow me in? [email protected]
  17. Can a dish network 21.1 remote be configured to operate a 322g receiver?

    I accidentally purchased the wrong remote on ebay.
  18. Jesus Peace be upon him is a prophet ,, and what...

    Jesus Peace be upon him is a prophet ,,
    and what ever he did was by the will of God.
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    Family Love? Mafia Live iPhone !?

    Lvl 29 w/106 current members and growing ;) Accepting all invites by email if you want the extra $10k to [email protected], otherwise family code is 292 072 654. Please invite through game!...
  20. I have breed Italian Mastiffs (cane corsos) and...

    I have breed Italian Mastiffs (cane corsos) and have known friends and breeders to boar hunt with the puppies from me..but I also have a friend that breeds black mouth curs and does boar hunting with...
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    Breeding factor for roan color? let's try this again...having issues with my account or something...So I have been breeding QH and Paints for years now. I mainly breed Sorrels and Bays with a little black and I do have 2...
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    A box is not a good perm. house or cage for a...

    A box is not a good perm. house or cage for a bird. If the 3 can not stay in the same cage together it would be best to get another cage for that 1 or get rid of that sense in letting the...
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    Should I buy a 08 Pontiac G6?

    I found a sale on the Pontiac G6 for 13K, brand new one with 24 miles and another with 0 miles on it. I am not familiar with the G6 and I want what ever car that I get to last me a long long time. ...
  24. How do you show the framerate in Fallout 3? (console command)?

    PC version obviously.
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    please rate these funny quick jokes!?

    3 guys were introduced 2 a girl,
    hi I'm Peter but not the saint,
    hi I'm Paul but not the pope,
    I'm john but not the baptist,
    the girl said hi
    I'm mary but not the virgin!!

    Wife asked her...
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