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    Why isn't my Divx or VLC player working?

    I updated my drivers and tried re installing it, already. I just click on a Divx or VLC file and a sign pops up that says "Divx stopped working." VLC doesn't even have that. Windows media player is...
  2. How do I switch from Windows Internet Explorer to AT&T Yahoo Browser?

    I recently changed form Windows XP to Windows Vista and in the process ended up with Internet Explorer browser. I like the features of AT&T Yahoo browser better and would like to use this browser. ...
  3. Question on how the credit card billing works on Xbox Live?

    Ok, so my cousin let me use her credit card to buy me Microsoft Points. I currently have a 1-year membership from a prepaid card. Will the credit card automatically renew my gold membership? If yes,...
  4. Ok i have a TMA 1000.1 amp, sony headunit(forgot model number but can...

    ...lookup if needed) and a kicker l7 12? I had this setup running for about 2 weeks now. I made a new box yesterday and about 30 minutes of pounding the subs shut off. All the fuses are good, tried 2...
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    hes a rat.

    hes a rat.
  6. You will probably just have to reset it (it...

    You will probably just have to reset it (it sounds like it is frozen), but if you aren't pressed for time I would let it sit for a while longer. Depending on what type of update it is making, it...
  7. youll need a different tranny...the d series...

    youll need a different tranny...the d series tranny does not hook up to the b series engine, and vice youll need the b16 SI tranny or the b18c GSR/Type R tranny.....the b18 LS tranny will...
  8. I burned music on2 a cd & now I want 2 play & burn it on2 my Xbox 360 but the

    machine isnt pickin up anything? do i have to use a certain kind of cd?

    also the music that i put on my cd are audio files do they have to be mp3 files or something?
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    sounds like a brake fluid leak. limp it in to...

    sounds like a brake fluid leak. limp it in to the shop to have it tested, and be sure to be ready to use the emergency brake.

    Even better to have it towed in.
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    stay away from it...the rotary engine is a pain...

    stay away from it...the rotary engine is a pain to deal with....if your looking for a nice strong car...look into the 350z instead....
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    am i bi, curious or just plain gay?

    heres the thing...i have never had a boyfriend before or never have done anything with a guy before.i have only had grlfriends, all my friends are str8 and i am very masculine. but since i was 13 i...
  12. I saw a police car with red flashing lights today, whats the deal with that?

    Kinda confused me lol

    Im in the UK
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    how does your future look to you?

    just guess.
    mine is not looking good. can you guess mine
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    I have a 94 gmc yukon with a shift problem?

    after sitting for 5 months it now doesnt shift into 2nd gear i can still drive it by starting off in first getting to 20 mhp then letting of the gas pedal it shifts into does have...
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    Where do you download Mario kart for No$gba?

    I cant find a site to download MArio and other games for no$gba
  16. If I am going from a stock rim that is 16"x6.5", to a rim that is 16"x10.5",

    what do I do to make them fit? The reason that I am going to a wider rim is because I am going to a larger(315x75x16) tire that requires a wider rim. These rims are going on a 2001 Chevrolet...
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    press guide button, go to the far left blade....

    press guide button, go to the far left blade. option should say redeem code
  18. how can i gain confidence when talking to girls?

    I am male, 19 and have no friends or friends or who are girls due to my depression, social anxiety and agoraphobia, though I used to have loads. I am not considered attractive but I am kind and...
  19. can someboby please explain why am I unable to get a date?

    I have loads of friends who are females and some I have loved in the past before they rejected me, the problem is I have a rare genetic disorder called marfans syndrome but I am perfectly capable of...
  20. On smackdown vs raw 09 (on ps2) how do you drag your opponent when his on the

    floor in to the middle for a pin? because when i'm playing the game against the computer, when he hits me on the floor he drags me by the legs into the middle when his about to pin me
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    Guitar Amplifier problem?

    Hi all,

    I have a Marshall Lead 100 Head Model 3210

    The amp cranks just fine, but after 10 minutes or so, I lose total volume, not power.

    If I turn off the amp and then turn the amp back on,...
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    License Plate number?

    What does it take to change a license plate number number? Can you do it at any time or do you have to get permission by the state or something
  23. Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide is a chemical...

    Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide is a chemical compound with chemical formula NO. This gas is an important signaling molecule in the body of mammals, including humans, and is an extremely important...
  24. What type of arts, there is photography...

    What type of arts,

    there is photography sites,

  25. What other mental health treatments than Cognitive behavioral therapy should...

    ...I personally seek? I developed anxiety, depression and agoraphobia 2 years ago because I have bullied for being underweight and my acne for a long time, I told my doctor I am depressed and suffer...
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