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  1. how do i know if this guy im talking to likes me?

    I started talking to him last year, we talked and then we started dating I liked him alot, after a week he broke up with me because he stille liked his ex. After that I stopped talking to him, and I...
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    No, it means your phone is malfunctioning. You...

    No, it means your phone is malfunctioning. You need to get a new one.
  3. what should be there in a ball room when the theme is Hollywood Glam?

    not too much of fancy stuffs since we're students.

    black and gold colour themed
  4. Really, did you not go to grammar school where...

    Really, did you not go to grammar school where they explain what meat is?

    Grains, Breads, Vegetables, Fruits, Soy, Tofu, Pastas etc.
  5. Anybody not like Obama? This will make you laugh....?

    If you're short on time....skip to 2:50, it's the best part. XD
  6. >>>>>picture message >>>> type your email...

    >>>>>picture message

    >>>> type your email address.

    >>>>open your Email , select image . save image.
  7. how do you get internet connection on a ps2?

    hey i really wanna please give me the answers please
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    spanish *future tense*?

    hi i would like to know how to say these sentences correctly in spanish future tense.

    My friends will go shopping.
    They will also eat lunch.
    Then we will all go running.
    Some like to play...
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    I need help!!Please!!?

    How can i get pictures from flickr onto my myspace? I try uploading them onto my computer but when i go get the link for it its a tiny little thing,its not even the picture!
  10. Its like a scream/moan.

    Its like a scream/moan.
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    I think some atheists do it to rebel but a lot of...

    I think some atheists do it to rebel but a lot of them are just confused and have a hard time believing in one god, or beleive there just isn't enough hard evidence.
  12. hey you can get her an awesome present in miami...

    hey you can get her an awesome present in miami cause there stores are awsome and you can take her on a boat if she likes to ride boats and you can also take her to eat there are alot of good food...
  13. Does anyone have a gold chain with your braces?

    I have a tooth that was far up in my gum, that needs to be pulled down. I've had my gold chain "activated" as they call it, for almost 7 months now and it's JUST starting to peek out of my gums. My...
  14. What writing style does Dave Eggers uses in A.H.W.O.S.G?

    Writing style as in Irony, Suspense, Imagery, etc...
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    Pimples above lip? Help!?

    I have two small pimples or bumps, whatever they are, right above my lip. They're pink and they don't hurt or itch. I've had them for about a month now and they haven't gone away.. I don't think it's...
  16. What are some of your favorite iPhone Apps?

    any cool games?
    news sites?
    food.. drink.. whatever :)
  17. Did anyone else cry at the end of simon birch?

    i sure did even tho i was 10 at the time..
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    My PSP is not working properly?

    I have a problem with my PSP. Whenever u are playing games, it will suddenly pop out the screen, :"do u wan to quit the game" any types of game u are playing it will pop up this screen... i do not...
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    Sprint Pink Instinct?

    so I have the black instinct and I was wanting the Pink one since they have one now does anyone know if I will be charged for another phone or will they be able to just trade with me or anything?
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    What is the twilight font?

    you know like the movie/book twilight right? by stephenie meyer? ya what font do they use to spell twilight? just answer quick!
  21. Do mosquito fish need to be in treated water?

    Can they stay outside in a flower pot/basin? If so...should I get a water plant for shade for them??

    I live on Oahu so it never gets THAT cold...(lowest is maaaaybe 60)

    any advice would be...
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    Kate Hudson Zac Braff Nick Zano

    Kate Hudson
    Zac Braff
    Nick Zano
  23. probably not. 2 different companies

    probably not. 2 different companies
  24. Poll: Would you rather live in a brand new, modern house or an older

    house with character? Modern house- Cookie cutter house made in a modern development.

    Older house- from the early to mid 1900s or even older Victorian style houses, or an older plantation mansion...
  25. ..... which celebrity? and no to the...

    ..... which celebrity?

    and no to the question. I don't obsess over anyone.
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