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  1. How do I add a web image to my homescreen on an Android device?

    I want to add an image that is updated every 15minutes as a widget to my homescreen on my Android tablet. Any ideas?
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    My husband calls our truck Kayla. I don't really...

    My husband calls our truck Kayla. I don't really know why but he loves that names. He wanted to name our dog Kayla (we agreed on Katie) and he also wanted to name our daughter Kayla (we agreed on...
  3. Does a herniated disc need extra calories to heal? Should I increase or

    decrease my calories to heal faster? After I hurt my back and was diagnosed with a herniated disc, I've noticed my appetite has increased quite a lot. Is this normal, to help my back to heal? Or...
  4. Where can you find a service manual for a honda TRX400FW?

    Where can you find a service manual for a honda Atv TRX400FW, just to view online?
  5. does anyone know if the rumor lx260 works with garmin gps units?

    will the bluetooth from the phone pair with the gps unit
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    Vet will not let me have my records?

    On a Sat morning i took my cat (13years) to the vet, he stated that if he does not treat/keep her there she could die..he stated he will go get the one of the girls to give me the cost....she comes...
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    is frank mir, the ufc fighter, cuban?

    frank mir is a ufc fighter
  8. what an immature and unknowledgeable question....

    what an immature and unknowledgeable question. open your god damned eyes and quit blaming people for your country leaders mistakes. fuck YOU.
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    where can I buy laptop base?

    I have all he main pieces, and they are working fine...all i need is to replace the base. My laptop is a Acer
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    should I get a boob job?

    I was born with a flat chest!! I'ts not like my boobs are regular small boobs, they're flat!. They always have been. I have flat super european model boobs, only the rest of my body is not as...
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    what makes you sneeze. ?

    i have random bouts of sneezing that just come on for no reason. it's random and irritating to the point where I hold it rather than sneeze. Sometimes I slap myself in the face hoping that will make...
  12. Is it possible to set up emails to be sent in the future?

    I am traveling and would like to send people emails to be delivered each day as though I never left. Is this possible?
  13. is there a way to transfer saved locations from a garmin gps to navigon 2100 max?

    i ordered a navigon 2100 max currently have a garmin nuvi 350 i know how to do it on garmin just wondering if its possible to move them to navigon gps. any software maybe.
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    try this...

    try this
  15. should i pick up micheal bush and drop thomas jones for week 3?

    i have brandon jacobs and adrian peterson starting, but ap might not play on sunday. HEEELp
  16. That 600 dollars could feed a small country.

    That 600 dollars could feed a small country.
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    First loose the choker, that's not not going to...

    First loose the choker, that's not not going to do anything but choke the dog and loose the retractable leash, thoughs are the worst things ever invented and should never be used on dogs not trained...
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    Sounds like your husky needs more stimulation. ...

    Sounds like your husky needs more stimulation.

    You need to walk it everyday for like a mile to drain it of excess energy. After that when she jumps on the bed tell her no. If she doesn't listen...
  19. cream of wheat

    cream of wheat
  20. If you were my kid I would beg you to go to...

    If you were my kid I would beg you to go to college first and major in drama and minor in something you can get a job with. Your degree IS the backup plan. If your parents will help you attend...
  21. What do I need to make my IPOD Nano 3rd gen. work in 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    I'm picking up my new/used car today and would like to purchase whatever accessory equipment I will need.

    I do not want to replace the radio at this time. Thanks for all answers.
  22. What car accesories can I purchase for my new car and where on the web?

    I've seen cars where they are full of accesories and lights at night. Help me find good accesories related to eletronics, etc.... in amazon or online websites... THANKS
  23. Does anyone know if there is any hacks for the lg rumor. Is there any thing...

    ...special about lg rumor? Anything good that anyone knows about lg rumor. I already have one.

    Please 10 points for best answer.
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    Over usage! Tell him to pace himself.

    Over usage! Tell him to pace himself.
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    1) Absolutely! Maybe they didn't have a N. Irish...

    1) Absolutely! Maybe they didn't have a N. Irish flag? It's possible, I suppose...As such, if you have one, when you register your opinion, let them know you DO have a flag they may borrow...If...
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