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  1. Need manual for Coby TF-DVD7377 Portable DivX/DVD Player?

    Hello I have tried, but can not find a Manual for a Coby TF-DVD7377 Portable DivX/DVD Player.
  2. There are picures on the Breaking Bad blue ray disc cases, what are they?

    This is for the complete series that came in the black barrel with the magnetic cases. Each season of cases has partial pictures on each case, but we can't tell what they are. Do you take the discs...
  3. What USSR leader fortold our future by telling us We would bury Ourselves?

    He was a great fortune teller, or just knew history and liberals.
    The actual verbal content was what the Hell I wrote. GOD, and I was very worried about a spell checker.
    George S. I did not study...
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    How to talk dirty through text?

    I was wondering if anyone know how to talk dirty through text or in bed when making love. My new girlfriend wants me to talk to her that way but I can't keep up. Sorry guys lol
  5. How would I connect speaker wire to a regular blue ray player? Like what sort

    of adapters and wire? Thanks!
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    HP Touchsmart dvd + or -?

    I have a HP Touchsmart 300 PC; How do I determine if it is a + or - DVD?
  7. What is the ringtone everyone has on the show Kickin It?

    On Disney XD's Kickin It, all the characters have the same ringtone. In the episode 'Wazombie Warriors' Rudy's phone rings in the cinema if you not sure what I'm talking about. What song plays when...
  8. Does an account on deactivate if not used for awhile?

    Somehow I got locked out of my account on, and none of the emails/usernames/passwords I enter get me locked in. I didn't put up much information on my profile, but I still dont want to...
  9. Is the Lenovo G700 with Nvidia Geforce GT720M with dedicated 1GB good enough for...

    ...'casual' gaming? This is the only laptop I could find in my price range that has dedicated memory as well as other need to have specs. I would like to be able to play light games on it, whilst...
  10. If I believe it, it's true right? Source =...

    If I believe it, it's true right? Source = myself. That is about as accurate as you're going to get with religion. Believing makes it so.
  11. can you change the lg vu qwerty keyboard layout?

    i have the lg vu from att and i wanted to know is there any possible way to chnage the layout of the lg vu qwerty keyboard. the letters are sort of small for my fingers which makes it annoying to...
  12. i think your psp it to high to do it maybe the...

    i think your psp it to high to do it
    maybe the pandoras battery

    check out dark alexs affiliates see if they have what you need

    Be careful you dont brick it though
  13. What is the earliest date that cars can be registered on 09 plates in the UK?

    I know they can't be driven until 1st March but when can they be registered? I have a car waiting to be registered on an 09 plate!

    ultimate guitar the artist or the song and youl probably find it
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    u should download safari its free and works...

    u should download safari
    its free and works pretty well
    oh and safari also works for windows!
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    get a usb cable for your pc or buy a usb dongle...

    get a usb cable for your pc or buy a usb dongle
    they are both fairly cheap

    around a tenner i got mine for
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    I always smell like peanut butter.... lol?

    I have noticed something for the past year. I smell like stale/fishy peanut butter. Its really strong on my hands. I wash my clothes everyday and a shower everyday too, but I still smell. I can't...
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    good car -lasts forever -goes fast -looks good...

    good car
    -lasts forever
    -goes fast
    -looks good
    the bad
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    what your gonna have to do is first figure out...

    what your gonna have to do is first figure out how to get the radio out this is different for every car so you can either google this or figure it out for yourself (which isn't as hard as it sounds)...
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    how do i use my iphone? ?

    I want to download my own songs from discs to my phone...what is the process?
  21. Why, would you prefer to pay a private company...

    Why, would you prefer to pay a private company $79.99 a month for the use of your GPS?
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    BMX conditioning without a bike?

    I'm looking to get back into competitive BMX biking when I get out of the Army in early 2010. By the time I get out, it will have been about five years since I've really ridden, and I'm not as...
  23. hard for me to explain as i am not looking at...

    hard for me to explain as i am not looking at your engine set up !!!

    depending on if its installed on the engine itself or up in your interior console...... i'll be honest i used to be a car thief...
  24. Yes it is open on Sunday, but not Monday. From 9...

    Yes it is open on Sunday, but not Monday. From 9 to 9
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    Does anyone have a 1959 caddy for sale?

    I adore this car and would love any info on one that is up for sale! God bless and thanks!
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