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  1. do you know any apps that can have voice talk via blackberry?

    My boyfriend and I are using kakaotalk but since my bf is using blackberry he can't use voice talk in kakaotalk because kakaotalk doesn't serve voice talk for blackverry users so, Im looking for an...
  2. How did I have such a bad trip from just thc crystals?

    So here's what happened I had just thc crystals left which was from 2 different sets of weed because I grinded everything together so I made a blunt full of the crystals so me and my mate went out...
  3. Discuss the following argument: “World War I, II and Cold War are in fact one

    single, 77-year conflict”. Pr?
    Present 3 arguments if you agree or disagree with the statement.
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    What to do on summer vacation?

    So the beginning of summer vacation starts next week and I need some ideas of how to spend it. What sort of things would be fun to do? Thanks!
  6. question about cruise boarding and departures?

    so I want to go to japan, but I don't want to go alone, and my mom is terrified of planes. My solution to this is to take a cruise, but I want to stay in japan long enough to see more than one place....
  7. Trying to remember an alt indie song with lyrics "go on, get out"?

    So this is a pretty long shot, but a couple nights ago I was listening to Pandora's Of Monsters and Men station, and this song came on that went something along the lines of "Go on, get out of here"....
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    Kickboxing or MMA (mixed martial arts)?

    Im a teenage girl and I'm not that weak. I want to know which is better for learning how to kick someones arse and be really good at fighting and defending myself. I dont want the ine that is more...
  9. My blackberry bold 9900 won't read the media card?

    So I have a media card for my phone and it worked for a while but today I got a message saying "media card is not inserted properly" but I haven't touched it. This has happened before but I usually...
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    Who do you agree with..Ross or Rachel?

    do you agree that they were on a "break" because Rachel said so?or was Ross way out of line for sleeping with that other girl the same night him and Rachel broke up?
  11. Easy, switch to Firefox.

    Easy, switch to Firefox.
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    Chinchilla Problems Please Help.?

    my chinchilla keeps sucking on his genitals,is he just masturbating?
    What can i do to stop him from doing this? When we look at him he quits like he is embarrassed, should we yell at him?
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    wii points and games and websites?

    anyone know a web site so i can look at what wii games there are and how much wii points it cost befor i download them?
  14. How can I get my cassette adapter out of my car stereo after my stereo ate it?

    I've tried pulling it, rewinding it, and hitting eject.
    Should I take it to a mechanic or something?
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    new from the verison store it cost $79.99.

    new from the verison store it cost $79.99.
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    new from the verison store it cost $79.99.

    new from the verison store it cost $79.99.
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    whatever you like! (=

    whatever you like! (=
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    Lincoln Quote Interpretations?

    "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion." -Abraham Lincoln

    What is your personal take on this quote? Explain your reasoning.
  19. Which parts of the day are when your metabolism is at the highest?

    easy 10 marks=)
  20. Where is a good place to take a high school education class on a field trip?

    The class is for kids who want to be elementary teachers or pediatricians or other jobs involving kids when they grow up. We already go to the elementary school on a regular basis and we are looking...
  21. A satellite is in elliptical orbit with a period of...?

    A satellite is in elliptical orbit with a period of 8.30 multiplied by 104 s about a planet of mass 7.30 multiplied by 1024 kg. At aphelion, at radius 4.5 multiplied by 107 m, its angular speed is...
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    All Edward Cullen Lovers Respond!?

    please send me links to your favorite pics of robert pattinson or edward cullen
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    you cant do anything with windows windows...

    you cant do anything with windows

    windows sucks!
  24. Lost my DVD remote- will a universal one work?

    Do I need the original remote to set the universal one? I also lost my tv remote but didn't really need it cos everything I needs on the tv. Do the cheap 20 dollar ones work?
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    yes if you have unlimited picture messaging it...

    yes if you have unlimited picture messaging it falls under the same category as pictures
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