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  1. Will trucking companies hire someone with 4 accidents that happened 3 years...

    ...ago in CA? Hi,
    I live in California and I really want to become a trucker but I'm affraid the accidents I had in the past will prevent and trucking co from trusting me. I have been driving 11...
  2. How to install a wireless Card in a Dell c600 laptop?

    The WiFi card doesn't connect with the laptop, it has little brass knobs instead of a plastic connector. I'm not sure where to go from here. Its Model Wmp-G09/IE

    someone help me out. it'd be so...
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    Partially Clueless about PSP Hacking?

    Ok, heres the thing, im pretty fluent in psp hacking. I have a psp-2000. It has a hackable motherboard. I my friend borrowed it and unknowingly upgraded my psp to 5.03. Will that matter if i have the...
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    Well, if you really don't know how to ride a...

    Well, if you really don't know how to ride a bike, then I would suggest training wheels. they help you keep yourself balanced while you get the basics down (pedaling, steering, etc..). Also,...
  5. That risk depends entirely on what it is telling...

    That risk depends entirely on what it is telling is wrong.
  6. You really should ride more often to keep up your...

    You really should ride more often to keep up your skill level. You will lose some of your ability to ride safely over time unless you are active in the saddle. Using a used bike may be the best...
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    Ou 28 Florida 14

    Ou 28
    Florida 14
  8. Excel- How to stop auto-refresh of cells with formulas?

    I have a very very large excel worksheet (Using Excel 2007) and with all of the formulas trying to refresh every time i press enter it is lagging down the computer and taking all of the resources...
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    Panthers going against Titans. Panthers win it...

    Panthers going against Titans. Panthers win it 31 -13.
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    TItans win Steelers win Eagles Win Panthers...

    TItans win
    Steelers win
    Eagles Win
    Panthers Win

    AFC Champ-Titans

    NFC Champ- Panthers

    Superbowl Champ-By God Carolina Panthers
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    Panthers and Titans.

    Panthers and Titans.
  12. Why won't my Toshiba Satellite laptop recognize cds but it will for dvds?

    it wont recognize blank cds, software cds, music cds, nothing!!

    any kind of dvds work fine.

    HELP!!! :/
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    Pick up volleyball in Orlando, FL?

    I'm going there in a week and would like to get some sand vball in while i'm in the warm climate. Anyone know of some competitive places to play?
  14. What is the name of the piano instrumental at the end of the movie 7 pounds!?

    i watched the movie seven pound today and at the end there is a piano instrumental right beforet the credits it sounds familiar but i cant put my finger on where i have heard it before can someone...
  15. Please do whatever you can to get the QB from ...

    Please do whatever you can to get the QB from University of Texas. He is a swell guy that knows a lot about whining when his team doesn't get the job done on the field. He would fit right in with...
  16. Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7802 Restarts continuously/shuts down after installing

    Windows XP? I have a bit of a problem here...
    I have a Toshiba P205D-S7802 laptop that came with Vista Home Premium (SUCKS!!) and I have been meaning to uninstall that, and put XP on it. So I tried...
  17. Truck Drivers requirements to get license and requirements most companies look for?

    I have a general question about the requirements for becoming a truck driver. I am 27, have 1 speeding ticket and 4 accidents, I know it's not the best driving record but will it completely exclude...
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    I love your NFC South picks. I hoe it really...

    I love your NFC South picks. I hoe it really does turn out that way, and that carolina wins by more than just one point. My heart is 38 years old and I don't know that it could take that kind of...
  19. Where can I download the Infinity In Battle game?

    I HAVE SEEN IT AND I WANNA PLAY SOOO BAD! Where can I download it from
  20. Is there a website where I can make my own nutrition label?

    I need it for my Health/Science
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    My ps3 keeps freezing while in game.?

    When i put in a game it works for a while then it just stops while im playing, it happens to all of my games, need help
  22. That wouldn't be a red ruver you are crying would...

    That wouldn't be a red ruver you are crying would it?
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    giants 35-20

    giants 35-20
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    Just a bit behind the shoulder and a bit down....

    Just a bit behind the shoulder and a bit down. that should line the shot up with the lungs and heart. Even a deer won't go far on a good shot like that. On the shoulder will just get a mobility...
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    High Speed Internet for Simonton, Texas?

    I have hughnet internet, and there is a FAP (Fair Access Policy) Thresh Hold on the service that if I use 169MB within a 24 hour period I will get less than dial up speeds. I clocked my exceeded...
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