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  1. why won't by heater go to defrost or floor vents?

    Heat will only come out of dash vents on my 2008 Mercury Sable. It has the auto climate dual control system.
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    Best humor blogs on tumblr ?

    What are the best humor blogs on tumblr ?
    b.t.w This is my blog > < check out my blog its a humor blog :) Thankssss
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    is bitcoin and litecoin mining safe?

    i want to start doing bitcoin, litecoin, and feathercoin mining and if you know of any other type of digital currency then please let me know about it but i don't know how safe it is and also how...
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    Best black barbershop in Las Vegas?

    I just want a low caesar. I need the line-up to be perfect though. That's what I'm most concerned about.
  5. water heater vent is transite, what is code for existing home sale?

    Home inspector says replace, is it necessary /required? Or, is it better left as is? I am not sure what the building code is here in La Palma, CA.
  6. How to talk again with my ex girlfriend who is in the same class with me at school.?

    Me and my ex gf are in the same class at school, well we meet and get to know each other as a classmate friends at first. then we become a couple. We talk and chat everyday and having fun together....
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    You are allow to send it out horizontally with...

    You are allow to send it out horizontally with maximum one 90 degree turn up ward in the vent pipe .
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    What should I do when my parents argue?

    Whenever my parents fight its mostly my dad who starts it. I get so angry when my dad fights with my mom because my dad is mostly wrong. He always wants to be right and he starts getting angry over...
  9. Is there any funny video on youtube that you think I haven't watched?

    I have almost watched every one of them.I'm out of videos so please provide link to something I might not have watched?
    I'm completely bored.!
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    So we were talking about drugs in whatsapp?

    School principle called me to her room and showed me the messages how can this be possible?HOW?Isn't it illegal to watch someone's phone? I'm scared of talking about anything now.Helps is this...
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    Hi, an android device isn't powerful enough...

    Hi, an android device isn&#x27;t powerful enough to play Xbox 360 games on it! Sorry... Though the device may be able to play play some games such as GTA 3... And don&#x27;t listen to Ninad, windows...
  12. How do I do USB debugging on a Sony Ericsson Txt Pro?

    I'm trying to install Snapchat onto my phone.
  13. when are you going to answer my question? What is the difference between CD-R...

    ...& DVD-RW? For instance I get notified that I need a writeable disc? Data Disc is used for what information& what disc actually copies your video music etc?
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    Do these rock albums ring a bell to anyone?

    Runnin Wild
    No Guts. No Glory.
    Black Dog Barking.

    Hint-finest modern day band that plays real rock n roll
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    Help on writing Christmas greeting email?

    I want to write a Christmas greeting email to one of my friend (a close personal friend, not client or customer) but I'm bad at writing so I need some hints or a template on how to write one. I don't...
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    Next Bitcoin-like asset?

    Don't mean to sound like a greedy pig or someone who's looking to be a profiteer...but, what do you think the next asset that's going to 10x like bitcoin will be?
  17. when do movies usually come out on dvd and blue ray?

    there is a movie that is in theaters right now and I was wondering how long it usually takes for movies to come out on dvd and blue ray after it stops playing in theaters?
  18. How do you get a BitCoin Wallet?/ How do you determine what your wallet code is?

    Hello. I've been trying to set up a BitCoin wallet for quite some time now, but am unable—despite reading the many so-called guides (which are a bit too complex for new inexperienced users)—to...
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    Anybody no any good social apps for blackberry?

    Hi I want about 2 good free social apps something like facebook where I can meet and chat to new people. I have already got watsapp facebook and bbm is there any that you would reccommend? Thanks
  20. how can i get my parents to let my girlfriend to come on vacation with me?

    well me and my girlfriend are both 15 and have been dating for about 2 and a half years. For spring break my family and i are going to Floria and i want my girlfriend to come with. I'm worried my...
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    Searching for a read?

    I have recently taken to a newfound interest in reading, and I have no idea on where to find a book to exactly how I would like; but thought human feedback would prove a much more conducive action...
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    can't downlaod android apps?

    so i got an android galaxy y (given to me) and i signed in with my gmail but when i go to download an app eg. facebook i press accept and download, it says its starting the download then it says it...
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    what is the first name of your dad?

  24. Trying to remember the title of a soccer/football fiction book that I

    used to read as a kid? It involved a team that was terrible but over the course of the book became good thanks mainly to a girl who played for them. The girl was named after George Best if I remember...
  25. How can I Root my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i?

    I don't have a usb connector so I can't use a computer, can I root my phone by downloading an app that roots in one click? What app is this? and is it safe? is it tested? My phone has 2.3.4 android...
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