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    Good movie to rent on dvd?

    I'm gonna rent a movie for me and my little sister... she's 11, any good suggestions? Please nothing inappropriate, like pg-13 or below, thank you :) and please relatively modern movies
  2. Hi :) Does anyone know the guitar riff that plays in the background of

    most Tom Cruise scenes in rock of ages? Its in the scene where he is talking to Alec Baldwin his interview with rolling stone mag and when he is talking to sherrie?? <3
  3. How to immerse yourself within the culture when you travel?Advice/insights?

    I love traveling and seeing the world.. but everytime I go to a new place I try to get the most travel experience out of it that I can. I think the world has a lot to offer.. but I always ask myself...
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    What site can I use to download shows from?

    I want to download a tv show but I don't know a quick and easy site to use. Oh and a site that you don't have to download or install to use.
    Ideas anyone?
  5. I'm moving, how do i move with my fish? i have only 2?

    i'm moving not too far from the house i'm living in now. its a half and hour away or so. what do i have to do to get my fish safely to the new home? there Koi's and there 6'inches long.
  6. My Verizon Phone won't receive picture messages?

    I have an enV2, and for the past week it can't recieve or send anything but plain text messages. I know it's my phone and not the reception because my dad has the same phone and we were in the same...
  7. unprotected sex... when is the best time to have it?

    when is the best time to have it?
    i am aware protection is the way to go, but i am just curious
  8. download ringtones for FREE on blackberry curve 8300?? ?

    okay so i just bought my first blackberry today and the seller told me i can download ringtones for free??? how do i do that?
  9. my iphone wont connect to the itunes on my windows xp computer. Itunes says error

    OxE8000035 ?
    my ipod shuffle wont connect either
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    IMPORTANT!!! please answer!?

    is it true that in california they are raising the driving age to 18!!!!????!??!?!? please answer!!!
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    is the disk in? have u tried rebooting the...

    is the disk in? have u tried rebooting the computer? ...make sure no other applications are running while you are trying to run the sims and maybe try deleting some prgms u don't use a lot. I know...
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    I think so.

    I think so.
  13. urban decay 24/7 or make up for ever aqua...

    urban decay 24/7
    make up for ever aqua smooth
    these can be found at sephora : ]
  14. i just got a ipod touch. i have no idea how to connect to my wi-fi at all.

    PLEASE HELP!? i have no idea what web interfaces or SSID's are. i dont know how to find my router's manual, so please use step by step. thank you :)
  15. If I get Sims 2 Holiday Pack, how will it work with Seasons?

    I already have Sims 2 Seasons, and I'm thinking that I'm getting Holiday Stuff for Christmas :].

    I'm wondering, if I install these two games together, how will they effect each other during...
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    how do u get internet on an ipod touch?

    how do u get internet on your ipod touch, does it just use wirless internet?? and can you go on any website or is their only certain website you can go on??
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    nate is better looking but his character is...

    nate is better looking but his character is deathly boring, so i watch gossip girl for chuck.
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    What can I use to make myself cry?

    I am really good at fake crying, but I don't want to freeze up during my audition thursday and smile while I'm singing my song. I have to cry. Is there something I could use that will make me cry???
  19. Why do almost all white celebrities seem to have light eyes?

    I've noticed it, and I think it's really weird, very few of them have brown eyes. and I'm not trying to be racist by saying ''white celebrities'..
  20. Does the asus eee pc 900 have wireless internet?!?

    I ordered on on Thanksgiving morning, and it's supposed to be here sometime today. It just hit me. I don't know If i checked if it had wireless.
    If someone could help me out that would be great!...
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    well unless you buy a iphone off ebay and unlock...

    well unless you buy a iphone off ebay and unlock it you have to use att as your service. Personally i have att and it is great and works well for me :)
  22. I don't know!

    I don't know!
  23. do you know eny small lizards that you can by at pet stores?

    im looking for one 4 inches or less I cant have a 20gallon tank so pls help!
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    how can i get sound on Internet?

    I have sound on Itunes and everything. but when i go to like youtube or whatever, it wont play sound and i need it for my school project. please help me!
  25. What can i use to get Audrey's hair style here?

    Here is the picture:
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