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    How to get FREE professional voicemail greeting?

    I am looking for a good voice to respond in my voicemail, its for a nokia phone..Is it possible to download anything like that??? please help
  2. battery and alternator caused spin out on lincoln aviator?

    i was getting off a highway exit ramp today going about 40 mph and my lincoln suv spun completely out of control. the steering wheel locked and the car did two full turns before slamming up against...
  3. I have a six month old pit bull who keeps chewing apart his bed in his kennel. Why?

    i feel bad not having any bedding in is kennel, but everytime i fix his bed and put it back, he destroys it again! He's in there for maybe 5-6 hours during the day at the MOST , usually less than...
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    trolley dolly who am i on current events?

    10 pnts for right anser
    and i'll be honest
    all wrong!!!!!
  5. 1)angle APB and DPC are vertically opposite,hence...

    1)angle APB and DPC are vertically opposite,hence equal
    2)opposite sides are similar in ABCD because the diagonals are perpendicular to each other, hence have equal length
    3)angle PLA and angle PMD...
  6. 19 yo boyfriend gossiping with his 30 year old teacher friend(my maths teacher 6...

    ...years ago & his old teacher)? So this is out of extreme curiosity to see if I'm blind and oblivious to the situation or if I am over-reacting or if I deserve it.
    So I've been going out with my...
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    2003 ford explorer heating?

    i own this truck and recently i noticed the heater blows only on level 4. Level 1, 2, and 3 do not blow. Anyone know how to repair?
  8. yes becuz a text is the same as an IM i have the...

    yes becuz a text is the same as an IM
    i have the same plan
  9. The afternoon snack sounds a little excessive...3...

    The afternoon snack sounds a little excessive...3 fruit servings are too many fruits at once. Fruits are high in sugars.

    Also the watermelon may not be the best fruit to eat, since it is rated...
  10. first of all, you should just be yourself. trying...

    first of all, you should just be yourself. trying to be like a fictional tv personality will get you no where. while i love her character, you need to keep in mind that she is not real. if you want...
  11. I am currently paying just under $140 a month for...

    I am currently paying just under $140 a month for my car insurance (1991 Chevy z24) with a bit of a discount for good driving (been driving 2 years), although your prices may be way different. The...
  12. Will winter tires(P205/70R15) fit my Chevy z24 (P205/60R15)?

    I have really good studded winter tires that I used one season on my 1989 Thunderbird. I was wondering if they would fit my 1991 Chevy Z24. Seems a waste to buy new ones when these could fit....
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    Samsung Glyde Video Help?

    How do i get videos from my computer onto my Glyde?
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    Why are people who use Yahoo answers gay?

    ...because they are. Oops. I answered my own question.
  15. Why are they called love handles afterall?

    Why are they called love handles afterall?
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    Tire Air Pressure Sensor - Toyota Matrix?

    Hello All, I have a 07 Toyota Matrix and my husb recently rotated my tires. There is a warning light that says it is for the Tire Air Pressure and keeps coming on.

    My car has a "set" button on...
  17. cab services in philadelphia airport/ do hotels provide services to pick...

    ...up from airport? I am travelling to philadelphia from atlanta. As I am new in US, I still dont have license, all I want to know if Philadelphia airport has cab services or the hotels provide...
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    Do you believe in love at first sight ??

    I didn't feel what i felt yesterday ,, when I was walking in a mall ,,
    and there was a guy coming from the other side ,,
    we looked at each other for a while ,,
    every time I turn to see him ,,...
  19. What does it mean when the Trans prog light comes on in the dashboard of a 1994...

    ...BMW 740iL? The light does not stay on constantly. It comes on and goes off. When the light is on the transmission seems as if it is slipping.
  20. I have a '02 jeep grand cherroke with 4wd select-trac.....?

    and no owner's manual. when should I change the 2wd to the part time 4wd or any other drive? (i.e. during driving, when I brake) ...
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    very loose gear shifter *93 mazda protege*?

    my standard transmission 93 mazda protege gear shifter is very loose aka lots of play, even when in gear i can move it back and forth as if it were in do i fix this? i have been told...
  22. How can my girlfriend see who has been sending me messages on facebook...

    ...through a gadget? My girlfriend has a gadget on her google desktop that allows her to receive notifications stating when i have received private messages through facebook. These messages aren't on...
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    should you strength train when fat?

    I still have about 18 pounds to lose before i am relativly low fat, haha. But I also have this begginers pilates tape i enjoy (which involves many crunches, push ups, etc), so the question is - is it...
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    How do you use bittorrent?

    i don even know what it does
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    Like mafia based online role playing games?

    If so, try this new one. It has only been going about a month, and is looking to be the next big thing. We need players on board to help make it bigger and better! Join a gang, mug, commit crimes,...
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