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  1. I am not getting the full screen of the lounge. Only the top 2 tables.?

    I tried to get a message answered, but the screen is blank on the bottom 2/3. It also only shows the top 4 people in the lounge and then all is cut off.
    I am referring to Yahoo bridge
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    Blue ray usb hard drive problem?

    Ok to start off I bought an external 1 tb WD my passport hard drive to watch movies on, I want it to work on both my ps3 and blue ray player. I managed to get it to work on my ps3 by reformatting it...
  3. why wont my external hardrive work on my blue ray player?

    I reformatted it to fat27 so it would work on my PS3 and made all the appropriate folders, but I'm trying to plug it in to the usb port in my blue ray player but it wont work, the hard drive brand is...
  4. Roger era! ... Nadal will now faces Robredo in...

    Roger era! ... Nadal will now faces Robredo in the last eight. ... horribilis for the seven-time Wimbledon champion, although he sowed some ... is whether he will qualify for the Barclays ATP World...
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    Try the "Scissors Select Tool" Click around...

    Try the "Scissors Select Tool"

    Click around the object until you connect the dots. Then click in the center of the object to cut the object out
  6. You can't

    You can't
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    Does the Lubi installer work with Lilo?

    Lilo bootloader
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    He may be temporary sick. Or maybe he needs to...

    He may be temporary sick. Or maybe he needs to get out once in a while. OR he could be allergic to something. Take him to the vet, find out whats wrong with him.
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    Poll: Beastie Boys or the Jonas Brothers?

    Don't pick Jonas Brothers, they suck
  10. Why don't you just install Firefox or the latest...

    Why don't you just install Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer and use the tabs that are at the top of the screen. You can open hundreds of tabs that way and they won't group together.
  11. Most "phyco-dog"s have psyco-owners. Just the...

    Most "phyco-dog"s have psyco-owners. Just the facts Ma'am.
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    Is it possible to get this back?

    I bought the HP Pavilion DV9700.
    I like using the web cam that it comes with a lot. It came with Cyberlink Youcam already installed but I downloaded a free trial version. ( IDK why)

    Now I lost...
  13. My computer shuts down when i play a game.?

    My computer wont shut off when it is just running the internet or some small program but it shuts off almost instantly when i play a game. I have a 750 watt power supply. I just got a new...
  14. XC and a light DH/freeride or just one good all mountain bike?

    I am riding a '07 Santa Cruz Superlight, I love it's acceleration, speed and its ability to climb but when the drops get scary I feel like I could do with something a bit more (plus I would really...
  15. why cant the internet goverment or w/e delete all the virus sites?

    who creates virus sites how do they and why dont they delete virus sites like zango and all the other sites why do ppl use virus and who are the hackers can anyone make virus sites or you have to pay...
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    Evil Kitty? or Conquer the universe?

    The time has come when the most foul creature from the depths of Hades draws her plans against us. The world will not be ready for her...
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    Yes it's safe It'd be pretty hard to make an...

    Yes it's safe

    It'd be pretty hard to make an open-source virus
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    He looks like and reminds me of Anthony Johnson,...

    He looks like and reminds me of Anthony Johnson, they move the same way and strike like masters.
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    Yes it's safe It'd be pretty hard to make an...

    Yes it's safe

    It'd be pretty hard to make an open-source virus
  20. I have the Directv HDDVR and i have video on demand, but how do i

    connect the internet to it? I have a linksys router and i connected an ethernet cable from it to the directv box, but none of my movies download, and while there TRYING to download a message comes us...
  21. What's a good Linux-compatible USB bluetooth adapter?

    I recently bought a wii

    And I want to do all kinds of crazy crap with the wiimote and my PC
  22. where is the speed sensor located on a 91 honda prelude?

    I have heard that it was mounted on the transmission, but I'm having a hard time locating it. I have found the speed pulser, but am specifically looking for the sensor.
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    Hudson River conspiracy?

    Calling all conspiracy theorists....

    Did the Canadians send geese of mass detruction to attack our airplanes?
    "I was about to tell you to STFU, but I see you are not serious. Thank you."

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    I don't know

    I don't know
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    How to stop 4 mo. old Doberman whining! ?

    He is 4 months old, and my dog wont stop whining when he is in the backyard. I take him for walks/runs first thing in the morning, but as soon as we get back and i put him outside, he starts whining....
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