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    Help choosing topic for Social Speech?

    Hey. I have a 4-7 min social speech due in around a week and i still have not chosen a topic because i am indecisive and change my mind a lot. That's why I need you. I have narrowed it down to 2...
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    what is Symbian OS?

    Could you tell me detail about Symbian operating system, and how it is differ from others. Who invented Stmbian OS
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    Install whatsapp on the symbian OS?

    I have symbian phone model number- GT-S5222. I am wondering that how to install whatsapp on my phone. I searched for this but i am unable to install. Do you all have any idea on how to install?
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    litecoin GUIminer and AMD 6700 xfx bitcoin?

    Hi I am trying to set up a GUIminer (scrypt) on my desktop pc, the only thing is it doesnt have the 6700 on the drop down list! so what should I do 1, put it down as an earlier GPU (if so is thier a...
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    Should I watch hunter x hunter anime?

    The 2011 one

    What genres is this anime?

    Would you recommend it and why?

    Even though the characters are young, is this a good show for older audiences? (I'm 22 years old)

    Thanks :)
  6. can you give me bitcoin? 1H6vsvUFokqa6Cm6NHQDxhMFhu8SuCCUxA?

    Can you place Bitcoin in my wallet? 1H6vsvUFokqa6Cm6NHQDxhMFhu8SuCCUxA or supply me with bitcoin hardware?
  7. Is it alright for me to greet my Japanese penpal like this?

    I've had a penpal for a while now and she actually came to visit me in Hawaii. We had to say goodbye after two days though, but during that time we got pretty close I think. We're going to keep in...
  8. newbie here, just loaded new IM. how do i view /select a room to chat in?

    I'm use to the old yahoo IM where i had a list of public rooms to chat. how do i see that list now and select the room i want to chat in??
  9. It's called "bit coin"

    It's called "bit coin"
  10. Hahaha! ....oh, you're serious. Umm...I...


    ....oh, you're serious.
    Umm...I didn't expect that. Ummm....

    *calls 911 and asks for a straightjacket*
  11. My question is does he display affection...

    My question is does he display affection privately? If he does and you enjoy being with him why would PDA become a deal breaker. Possibly he is a very private person and just doesn't go for PDA. ...
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    What is Nokia Unlocked?

    There is Nokia N97 unlocked for sale.May I know the difference between the unlocked and the fully launch version?Will get the same as the fully launch version,if not,can I update the phone using...
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    Delta Air Transport, now known as Brussels...

    Delta Air Transport, now known as Brussels Airlines
  14. easy i had same task ...

    easy i had same task
  15. When Jews say Jesus did not fulfil prophecy?

    Is it not moronic to think that maybe had they not killed Jesus He would have fulfilled the other prophecies?
  16. I say get the PS3. The next lot isn't going to...

    I say get the PS3.
    The next lot isn't going to come out for another few years yet.
  17. Problem Scrolling with Keyboard Arrow Keys (Internet Explorer)?

    Hey everyone, I seem to not be able to use my keyboard arrow keys to scroll up and down on web pages. I know however, that my arrow keys work (they do in MS Word and other programs), but don't work...
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    Sony Ericsson W910i problems?

    I was thinking about getting it but I heard some bad things about it such as freezing a lot. I also heard that most people in the UK got these problems yet i'm from the UK!
    Have these problems been...
  19. Global warming is not a "rumor." ...

    Global warming is not a "rumor."
  20. If it's not out yet then you finding it on the...

    If it's not out yet then you finding it on the internet is illegal.
    I'm sure you're able to wait a while so you can buy it instead of breaking the law.
  21. Nissan Mirca - Autotrader rated it worth it?

    haven read reviews about nissan mirca, this is what auto-trader has to say...
    any comments???
    sorry, the...
  22. what are the top 10 expensive american cars to come out this year(2009)?

    I am working on a little story.

    I was wondering can anyone tell the the top most expensive american made cars of 2009?
  23. What is a good workout and nutrition plan to add muscle to get bigger...

    ...while maintaining a healthy diet? I am 16 weigh 148 lbs and i am planning to join the Canadian Forces next summer and i want to be ready physically.
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    It's possible, but to live off $240 for the whole...

    It's possible, but to live off $240 for the whole summer, even if you have free rent, would be hard enough.
  25. if you have the beta version of internet explorer...

    if you have the beta version of internet explorer the newest one some sites arnt compatible theres a icon next to refresh to the left click that to make it work.
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