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    T-Mobile Unlimited??

    Is T-Mobile truly unlimited? I'm trying to figure out if can get by with canceling my home internet and using the mobile hot spot feature for home use. I have tried googling the topic and some info...
  2. Can I use bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse as an alternative to...

    ...remote control while watching videos? I am using a HP G42 notebook PC. I watch a lot of videos. Would it be possible to connect my PC with bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse as an alternative...
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    Does LG stand for Leaking Gigabytes?

    I hear some LG products have been leaking user data.

    TV's specifically, but it wouldn't surprise me if their phones do it too.
    Apparently there is a menu option, but according to the BBC it...
  4. i have a blue ray player, pay for netflix and comcast is my cable provider. i...

    ...want to buy an Xbox at the EOY.? Need 1 w-a lot memory.Get Xbox360, xbox 1 or psp3/4?Want to watch netflix on TV from laptop,is there anyone who could hook this all up,I could contact??
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    Looking to support sick kids?

    If you are looking to donate money please visit this link and read the info on the page. It is my fundraising page and any donations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. What religion are Valorie Burton and Thomas O'Malley?

    I need to know for a project if they are Catholic, therefore I also need a source that confirms their religion.
  7. where can i get a fat psp battery and how much do they cost?

    where can i buy one and how much on average do they cost? i dont even know what happened to mine. it will only turn on if i have it on the charger. and if i turn it on without the charger the screen...
  8. Why is organized religion a threat to humanity?

    In a question I posted about 10 minutes ago a bunch of people said organized religion is a threat to humanity and prohibits intellectual growth or something like that, but how is it? If I want to go...
  9. Some coldwater/tropical fish and crab help?

    I've currently got a very small tank (more like a bowl) for 2 cold water fish (a shubunkin goldfish and a comet goldfish) and i'm intending to buy a large tank for some tropical goldfish and a couple...
  10. Banged my pedal, what's wrong with my bike?

    I recently got a Specialized Rock Hopper from craigslist that I use mostly to ride to work. I don't know much about mountain bikes (although I'd like to know more), so I'm hoping someone can help me...
  11. Are there handheld devices available which would allow me to have portable...

    ...internet without a phone number? My goal is to set up so I can get internet and use a skype account to make phone calls instead of paying for cell phone minutes. I know I can do this in a WiFi...
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    1) You download the movie you want from the...

    1) You download the movie you want from the torrent.

    2) Download "Videora Ipod Converter" and when you are setting it up choose your ipod.

    3) Open Videora and at the top click 'Convert' then...
  13. He's wrong, America will not split he's some...

    He's wrong, America will not split he's some crackpot "The Texas Republic" Atlantic America" lol
  14. How do I Unlock my DVD player and Navigation while in motion on my 2007 Cadillac CTS?

    I have a 2007 Cadillac CTS with a Navigation system and DVD player. While the car is moving I lose many controls for both the DVD player and the Navigation system. I would like to allow my car to...
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    messed up moto razr battery?

    my moto razr battery has water damage and it still worked but one day i took it out with the phone on and now when i try to charge it it says charging battery but the battery doesnt actually charge....
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    torrents not downloading help?

    i have been using torrents for a good 3 years now and this is the first time this has happenedd to me.

    i was using bittorrent. but as soon as i uninstalled norton antivirus(subscription was up) it...
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    Hot to update the HTC 8125?

    Hey, apparently there was an update that HTC put out that made the phone run much faster, where can I get it? The product isn't supported on the website anymore.

    Oh, and can I update my phone...
  18. Poll: To which celebrity do you resemble the most ?

    I've been told I look like Criss Angel even though my avatar doesn't do me any justice.

    Adi, I'm gonna cut my hair just because of that comment *Sigh*
  19. He's still a really good fighter, he's just been...

    He's still a really good fighter, he's just been on a bad losing streak. That K.O from Rashad Evans didn't really help him though.

    He should be back before you know it, maybe he's just having...
  20. You're right, it lacks practicality. I see...

    You're right, it lacks practicality. I see christianity like alcoholism.

    You use alcohol to drink your problems away but the problem doesn't subside. With christianity, everything bad that...
  21. Christianity.

  22. Yes it should you racist basterd

    Yes it should you racist basterd
  23. I'd say both, because they are a unique people,...

    I'd say both, because they are a unique people, and religion
  24. Wouldn't the world be a better place without religion ?

    Think about it, all the people that died and are dieing for their religious beliefs i.e radical islam terrorists or going back to the armenian genocide and the holocaust.

    Not to mention, without...
  25. I found a benefit for religion like zomg ?

    From all the religious killings, wars and martyrs religion has actually balances out the amount of people we have in this world.

    Without religion, the earth would be overpopulated with...
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