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The Ipevo Kaleido i7

We?ve got the perfect digital picture frame for the office or study. Ipevo?s Kaleido i7 ($200) exhibits that perfect combination of looks, technology, and usefulness.

It?s shaped like a tiny LCD monitor, so it?ll look cool on a desk at home or in the office. There?s 512MB of memory built in, among the most generous in the frames we?ve looked at, so if you don?t feel like dealing with memory cards, you can store plenty of pics right in the frame.

There?s also a built-in Wi-Fi connection, so you can share photos from Picasa or Flickr. There?s also a remote control. The downside: The frame?s widescreen aspect ratio makes picture-viewing problematic, adding black bars to the sides or top and bottom if the photo wasn?t taken in 16x9 format. ?Donna Tapellini

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