So if you don't know already, they also now have a WWE championship scramble for HHH's title. The contenders are

The Kendrick
Jeff Hardy
Shelton Benjamin

Why is The Kendrick here? Yes he's undefeated, yes he's a decent mic with decent Heel heat, but there are a few that deserve it more. He seems to be getting pushed way too much. Why are they not pushing Kennedy, especially with the amazing fan reactions for him.

MVP deserves a little run. I hate him, but he deserves a little bit of a Title run. Jeff has always needed the WWE championship hunt, he proved that last year vs. Orton. Benjamin I dont understand either. They're probably going to make him Job even more than he already does with the US championship.

As for Kendrick and his "impressive" run, what about Kozlov? He's undefeated longer and is long overdue for some real matches.

Lastly am I the only one who thinks Festus should've been inserted?

Let's say Jeff Hardy wins the title twice in that match, but isnt the eventual he considered a two-time champion?