she started screaming in the night? she was scared of the girls trapped in the ceiling and the man that had died in the paper.. saying he was in the walls.. in the end i had tried everything and i simply said you cant be up to much scaring a little girl and asked her grandad who was dead to stop anyone bothering her we havent had any problems since.. i told you this was wierd.. anyway now my son (2years) has started screaming the house downand freaking out sometimes because of wolfs yes could be a nightmare but mainly because of the mean girls and always points to the ceiling if you ask him where they are.. again this started around 5/ 6 mth ago any ideas what to do? i should mentioned i tried the same as last time but it hasnt done anything Also sometimes he burst out laughing as though someone is tickling him or whatever and then the screams start then hel talk to whatever hes talking to and so on