...It really sucks!? My boyfriend of two years has always given me crap about smoking. After five years, I have finally quit and am 3 days clean which is HUGE for me!!! I am so proud of myself. When I made my decision, I asked him if he would be supportive, and he assured me he would. I told him I might be moody or get fat, and he told me it would be fine - as long as I quit.

I have been going through some withdrawal symptoms: night sweats, hot/cold flashes, irritability, disorientation or feeling "foggy". Plus I am on my period which does not help things. My first full day not smoking I was pretty snappy with him and he got upset with me. Since I've been complaining of hot flashes and waking up covered in sweat, he's been sort of treating it like I'm whining - as if I'm just moaning about how awful it feels, and it's really not THAT bad. He actually asked me, "Do you think this is part of nicotine withdrawal?" And seemed really surprised when I said that yes, nicotine withdrawal has actual physical side affects. He didn't seem to believe me. He hasn't even been around me since I quit!! I haven't seen him and he seems to be pulling away from me until my physical symptoms disappear.

What is his freaking problem?!! It's like he thinks it should be easy.