I am a black person and a lot of these African Americans make me ashamed of being apart of a race where a lot of us play the "Woe is me, I'm black!" card. I am so sick and tired of these selfish people crying about how they're so angry at random white people because their so "privileged" and they "get away" with more. That may be somewhat true, but a lot of black people play the victim. And they do nothing about it! If a black person tries to succeed, they complain about them trying to be "white". If they don't, they blame it on white people. I am aware there are white people that don't care about black people, but I care about every race in this world! When will some black people learn that it's not all about them?
I don't care about what some idiotic, racist white people think about me! I'm not worried about them. lol
I mean, if those white people don't care about me, why should I cry about it? Those are just trolls who have nothing better to do. If I meet a racist white person, then I could care less. I just want equality, okay. I'm 18 years old, so I guess that makes me fairly young, but I refuse to be resentful towards a group of people. I definitely don't want to walk around with a chip on my shoulder and blame every bad thing on certain people.

How the hell can you compare people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to random people crying racism just for their own benefit? If you got a problem about me calling out ignorant people who hate a group of people, that's your issue. But of course people would get offended instead of looking into the issue. Do you honestly believe people don't pull the race card for their benefits?