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    Junior Member devincie's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    so many complain because they are not in the top 1 percent of taxpayers that got a tax bill that lets them keep more ,while the average payers is getting screwed.. we pay 12 billion a month for iraq war, but we cant have health care or a lot lower taxes;??????? yeah;; right.lets just keep our mouth closed and see if anyone cares;

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    Why do so many Americans complain of paying high taxes but yet expect

    more and more from their governments?
    Is it they don’t understand economics?

    Or is it just plain ol ignorance?

    I don’t support high taxes yet I don’t expect a more services from government either.
    If people demanded less of government; our government officials would have no choice but to lower taxes.

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    I'm not sure if its the same people complaining both points. Most people I know hate taxes and want nothing from the government except less government.

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    Good question but I think you may have missed an important point. We are already paying WAY TO MUCH in taxes and are receiving less in the way of Government services, I suspect this is where the gripe comes in.

    Like you I neither expect or demand more services and I prerfer to pay the absolute minimum in taxes that I am legally required to.

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    Bill G
    Your premise appears to be that the people wanting more are those complaining. I think half the country wants toe government out of their bank account and are willing to take less government programs in return. The other half want more programs and don't have a problem asking the rest of us to pay more taxes as they hardly pay any to begin with.

    Just a thought.

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    The working man doesn't complain about not getting enough from the government, they complain about paying for the lazy bums that haven't held a job bigger than a paper route since they were 12.

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    Jacob W
    I want lower taxes and far less government. In fact, I think government is the problem not the solution.


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    Darth Scorn
    I complain of high taxes and demand less from my government.

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    They pay their government exceptionally high salaries!

    The American Senate (Upper Class) per capita has more convicted felons than say a very long street in Down Town Boston!

    Your asking the wrong questions!

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    Because we don't really have a say in where or how our taxes are spent. I don't appreciate paying for the war, and I don't appreciate paying a higher % than the wealthy pay.

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