my mom keeps on complaining that I make her life horrible, and by the way I just turned 15 years old.

So the reason she says is that whenever I am doing something like mowing the lawn, playing video games, or studying. She will tell me something, thinking that I listened to what she is saying,

for example, once I was mowing the lawn, and she told me to mow under the tree, and because of the lawn mower noise I couldnt hear her, so then she yelled at me later for not listening to her. Same thing with video games or studying. If I am busy, she just tells me something and assumes that I am there waiting all the time for her to tell me something so I can do it.

But the wierd thing is that she used to act normal before I was a teenager, she always used to ask me if I could come here, waiting for my response and then after I came, then she would tell me what to do.
So I think that she is using my age as an excuse to yell at me for not listening. And she says that is why parents hate teens