[if you fall under them term Wapanese/Otaku/Weeboo please don't respond]

I really can't and don't watch anime anymore because to me its all the same. I know you anime/manga fanboys won't understand, so let me explain. For a long as I've been a gamer I've been watching anime. I'm 17 so that's damn near 15-14 years. Plus the supportive parents who'd get me anything I wanted, so I currently have a garage full of books, dolls, playing cards, posters, DVDs and VHS tapes. Every Anime to me is seemingly just a carbon copy of A show I've seen a hundred times already. Just replace the characters, protagonists/antagonists, friends and location tweak it a bit and boom you have a new show. [This becomes a rant right about now] Now some of you are probably going to say "That's not true and blah blah blah they work really hard to create a new show blah blah bah" "Maybe you're watching the same genre and you should change it blah blah blah" <You people are probably the same ones who prefer subbed over dubbed because "it sounds wayy better" or "English Voice actors totally ruin the show/plot/action/drama/lovescene/etc" "Japanese actors work harder than the English actors saying the same lines" and all that Jazz not knowing that Japanese voice actors a terrible as well, then you're gonna say "OMFG DAT NOTS TRUE. The Japanese ARE waii better than those sh*tty american ones!!" And I can bet you all of the money in my PayPal that more than 96.432% don't even understand a lick of Japanese to know that they equally suck more than getting an Ouya for Christmas. /End rant

dAMN SNOWY, Did I hury your feelings? Grow up, and welcome to the internet.