my boyfriend and I are in a metal band and though we haven't really done anything yet, he wants me to practice my singer and screaming everyday. I practice along with all hundred music artists in my library but since I have the singing down I want to start focusing on my growling and screaming. I figured since I'm a girl it would be best to listen to female vocalists but the only bands that I have with screaming and growling women are Arch Enemy, Otep, My Ruin/Manhole/Tura Satana, The Agonist, Mcqueen, and In This Moment. compared to how many bands I have with male vocalists, that's not that many.

I prefer heavier music with my vocals but I will tone it down to screamo if the vocalist is good enough.

and please don't bother telling me that this will destroy my singing because I'm living proof that it's just a myth.