I have been living in this apartment for 2 years and I like my landlord , he is a professor and a nice guy. A few things have happened in the past month and I don't know how to handle these things because in all honesty I try to not complain, I think landlords hate that and I am terrified of being asked to leave because I'm a complainer. In any case, the first issue was the family living upstairs used to leave their laundry in the machines for days, no kidding, entire days of waiting to do my own laundry. I finally got fed up with it and sent an email to the landlord explaining the situation and he sent everybody a notice regarding the problem and it seems that situation was solved.

Second issue was the same family blocked the drains in the apartment, somehow a toy from one of their kids got stuck and me and other neighbors got a drainage problem, in one day all of our pipes were blocked. The plumber told the landlord -in front of me- the problem came from upstairs. We weren't charged for it because of obvious reasons.

They have always been a noisy family, we expect some noise of course, but this month it's been over the top, it sounds like they are building something, and yesterday the noise was unbearable, it was midnight and they kept banging, moving furniture, the kids kept jumping up and down, it was non-stop jumping around, running, hammering, etc etc. It went on all day and night. Again, at midnight I got fed up and sent the landlord an email complaining about the noise. It was really too much.

I don't like to complain and I'm having an anxiety attack over all the problems I've had to deal with this month. What not, how do landlords deal with these situations?, will he tell me ok you are a complainer you are out? and what to do if the noise keeps on going, do I complain again? . Help!