So I have never had an issue with anyone on Craiglist yet. well... until now. I was looking for a free kitten to bring home. I found a lady who was giving her cat away because she could "only afford one" and she "had to work". The details she gave me about this cat is that the cat was a she, had normal poop, really sweet, and healthy, with no known medical issues.
So.. I get the cat and find out, one both her and the cat reaked (Sorry but it was bad enough to make me gag, and that's really hard to do). The cat had massive bad breath, and once home we found out this cat (about 5 or 6 months old) is not a she, but a he.. No way to mistake his good's. And he poops and we find out it's runny and has worms in it. He has a bad case of fleas. And very junky ears (ear mites). I honestly can not see how this lady had taken care of this cat. She mentioned she had another cat that she was keeping. And I'm feeling so bad for that other cat. Does any one know if there is anything in Texas I could call and have it checked out? like cps, but for animals?

I used over the counter de worming for him. It made it better but didn't get rid of it. The vet here is booked until Jan (it's a low cost one), if it gets too bad I'm going to break and goto the high costing vet here. (He is scheduled for neutering in Feb (where they were booked to)). Any advice on anything else I can do with him to get the rest of the worms gone?
I gave him a flea/tick/lice shampoo bath (along with my other cat), It killed a majority of them but there are still a few lingering, and a lot of black flakey stuff keeps dropping off with no end. Anything else I can use on him?
He has some bad ear mite infestation. My friend is shipping me ear drops that she used with her cat when he had ear mites. and I've been scraping the junk out with q-tips making sure that i don't push it in further. Any other suggestions with this?

The only thing this lady told me that was truthful is that he's a lap kitty and really sweet. Sadly because of the worm issue I am worried about being so cuddly with him.
He also seems to cough but only 1 or 2 times a day (but that's more than my other cat coughs (never)).
Because I don't know him that well, I can't really tell if he's lethargic or acting diffrent from "normal".