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    Junior Member DrillSergeantCMA's Avatar
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    Aug 2008

    Time to rant about congress and this bail out!?

    Alright, first off, I want to ask what do you think would help the economy?
    Now, i will say what i think. Please be critical. lol. Alright, this stupid congress is going to screw over the country. A bail out is not the answer, and i can not believe the idiots running. If you have a problem, dont you fix it at the source? I mean, that seems logical.

    Lets think about the reasons. If the bank gave you a bad loan, an adjustable rate, ITS THE BANKS FAULT! Granted, you shouldnt have signed it, but why not force the bank to draw up a new contract? One with a steady rate. That would definitely help out all those people stuck in foreclosure because of adjustable rates. Then, the bank can still float, and the government had minimal interference. I mean, that seems logical to me, fix the damn problem, not throw money at it hoping it will go away.

    Now then, about why people cant pay for their mortgages. Gas is high, food is high, necessities are high. Why not throw money at that. The only people who can fix the economy are the people that are basically the economy, us. Otherwise, we will just eat up that economics package and wind up in the same place. Bring necessity prices down, people have more money to pay for their homes, people spend more at stores, etc.

    Am I right? Stop the stupid republican and democratic crap and vote on something that matters. Drilling oil in alaska, without harming the environment. Stop speculation, and use the taxes earned by the low oil prices (because people spend more on driving) to actually pay for something that will get us to stop using oil. Why is this so hard to think of? There congressmen, thats a better idea than any of you have thought up.

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    Junior Member LeftMediaEatsBrains's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    This is phase one of the so called "revolution" where the government takes over business and the unions "unionize" government, just like in Russia.

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