Basically I went in to the ultrasound and X-ray unit to have a bone density test done. I am only 22 years old, but I have broken so many bones in my life that my doctor requested I get one done.

After I get to the right place and hand in my papers, I sit down in the waiting room nearby. I can hear these girls talking behind the counter, saying "That girl looks like she's 12, what the hell does she need a bone density test for?" and the other one said "She's 22" and they laughed. Then the girls said "6 broken bones.. Pfft... This girl doesn't have osteoporosis, she's just a wreck!"

And then it was quiet. A few seconds later the same voice says my name. She doesn't even bother to come around the corner to get me from the waiting room.

I was livid. Who are they to judge me? And who are they to talk about me like I'm not even there? Who can I complain to about this? Is it too late to say anything?