i sent redbox a complaint not wanting money back or anything like that. it's only a dollar per rental. i complained that their kiosk does not say anywhere under movie details if it's in english or spanish. i rented "it's not you its me" the image of the movie says it in english. when i took it home. the cd says it in spanish. all i wanted was im sorry for the inconvienence but they responded

"Sorry to hear that you werenít satisfied with the movie you rented. Redbox knows that not every movie will please everyone who rents it, which is why we offer detailed info about each title (including customer reviews on redbox.com). But sometimes, all the info in the world canít ensure that youíll have a great movie-watching experience". what great customer service rigtht? THEN I RESPONDED. im not stupid. i know there are reviews and that not everyone loves every movie they rent. my point was that your kiosk needs to make sure that the renter is aware that it's in spanish. i dont want to spend my time reading subtitles. i want to watch the movie. why would you have the picture of the movie with big humungous titles in english. then give me a disc that has the title in spanish. take a look at the cd.!" that was the second time i rented a movie in spanish with advertisement all in english.