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I AM NOT A BAD PARENT AND I AM SICK OF PEOPLE MAKING ME FEEL THAT WAY!! I have been asking questions about the crying out method. I told people countless times I understand that babies need attention and love and I give my child more then ENOUGH! My parents even say that I HOLD MY BABY TOO EFFIN MUCH!! this one person said on my question "sorry that you think that comforting=bad parenting, rather twisted really." THAT PISSES ME OFF MORE THEN ANYTHING. I never said that BAD PARENTING is comforting children, and if my baby is crying because she is fighing to go to sleep, a soft cry, should I pick her up? I would never let my child SCREAMING crying, you can tell as a good parent if they really need you or they want you. I do pick her up when she wants me, but sometimes when I am driving or showering or its 1 in the morning and I have to get up at 6 in the morning to go to work and she is fighting to go to bed, I am sorry I will let her cry. She isnt crying so loud she isnt not breathing, she just doesnt want to fall asleep what is so wrong about that. If you think I am a bad parent then screw you. I am a single parent doing what I can do best for my child. If i have to be late for work I will, but if I have to let her cry for 5 minutes while i take a quick shower then I will. My job supports both of us and gives her food. One person said that her child is most important thing in this world, like mine, but she didnt have a job and she said that if she did she wouldnt worry about losing it or not as long if the child needed to be cared for she would.Well I am sorry I am not like some of you that can afford to not work. I work a job I dont rather like just so she can have a happy life, I gave up school for my child, my whole room, my devotion is to her alone. I dont go out anymore, even though people suggested me to.I would give my life up for a moment of happiness for my baby, I watch her sleep at night and cry because I cant afford all the really nice clothes, instead I buy things from wal-mart and target and rely on hand-me downs. I am trying to be the best parent I can be and if you think I am a bad parent because I let her cry sometimes then SCREW YOU!