I think i should take her to the vet although its not time but every night this week we have been restless , awoken by her cries all through the night , she's whining as i am typing right now! The mother isnt even bothered anymore more by her cries, i mean she suckles like her other 5 siblings and they just sleep but not her. Any advice plz, thanx

As for attention im always cleaning their poop and changing their little bed linens so they will stay warma nd comfortable , last night i took her into the bathroom and washed her down with an warm rag and wrapped her in a blanket and she calmed down a little it wasnt as loud as she had been but just whimpers and after an hour of holding her, i replaced her back with her mother and she started back within the next hour, I give them all my full attention, im a pet lover i have no choice