Always you hear how hard done by blacks etc... are in the western nations. True whites have a history of oppression but lets take a look. While these super obese mamas, taking their welfare, living in their big homes with sons driving cars, wearing designer labels and going to a state provided education just keep one thing in mind. Blowing each others heads off, agreeing to get drugged, go to jail and skip all the free education is NOT the white mans fault! Look at where you come from, your roots, Mugabe imposes real oppression! Not the West. India my home country, a place where people sell their organs or break their own legs to get money for their families. THAT IS REAL POOR! As far as I know it, you have got nothing to moan about. I think we have much to thank the Western nations rather than complain about it. Sure the history is not perfect, but your organs are not on the market to make the next days food. Time to wake up and see how rosy it is boys! Dont you think?