...constantly, even...? ...when held.
We just got a new rescue puppy, he's 10 weeks old and a complete doll. The only thing is, he whines a lot. He is getting better, but I keep thinking there could be a better way to train him. So far, I've been telling him "No whining." whenever he whines. When he looks insecure, I've been holding him and making sure he feels secure. I know that as an abandoned baby, he probably feels insecure and scared, so I have been trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

He is especially whiney around my fiance, he loves my fiance lots and lots...and always wants his attention. We want him to feel good here, but we can't let him run everything. We have another dog and don't want the attention to become unfair.

We have never had a rescued dog before, do you have any pointers? Are we doing the right thing? I really want him to be happy, and I want the rest of us to be happy too. I am fine with occasional whining, thats normal for a pup, but this is constant. I want whats best for h