Ever since we went to college, she found a new "best friend" which I mean, I'm happy for her and stuff, but now she only talks to me when her friend isn't around, and when she DOES decide to talk to me, it's just to vent about how she's bored and is miserable, etc. And every time I try to help and give advice, she just tells me I'm wrong. Note that I used to be depressed at the beginning of the semester, but she just kept saying I was being a baby about it.

I realize sometimes you just need a sounding board, but it's getting on my nerves. I feel like she's just using me to drop all her troubles on and then go have a good time with her other new friend.

Has anyone else experienced this and does this usually bring bad news later on in the friendship, or is it just a phase I need to deal with? Thanks!
I would hang out with her more, but we go to different colleges an hour away from each other, so it's just not very convenient.