My boyfriend and I have a great relationship, and we really have no problems with communication. But lately we've been bickering about little things, and because we're both stubborn, it usually escalates to huge fights....huge. We have a solid foundation, but I can't get him to talk to me about how to fix things. I cry and beg him to tell me, and all he can do it roll his eyes and tell me that it's hopeless and 'there's just too much'. I have been reading the idiots uide to healthy relationships, and this problem isn't even in there. We have fine communication, but it's just his cooperation. The funny thing he, he won't break up with me, even when I tell him to just do it(in response to him saying things like "I don't see how this could ever work" or "there's just too much to fix" or "people like us just aren't meant to be together".) But when we aren't fighting, he'll be ecstatic about us and our future. His negativity is killing us and I feel so unwanted & insignificant. Help!

Also, I would appreciate serious answers. Breaking up with him isn't an option, although it does sound like the easy way out. But we have too much we've invested to let something this silly end it. So serious answers only, please.