On new years eve,

me and a friend went to this restaurant/wine/bar. Okay music. I ordered a Custard desert $8.50 and a lemon drop. The dessert was good but the lemon drop tasted too sour and horrible. I did not complain. My friend ordered a margarita , it was so bad she sent it back. Plus it took more than 10 minutes to get our drinks. So it was ten minutes to midnight and we wanted to go out to see the fireworks. It takes the waiter more than 10min to get our bill. My bill is 17.39. I hand the guy a 20 dollar bill. My friend uses her debit.

He did not bring me back my change and I looked at him like where is my change? Then he says: "did you want your change?" I said "No, that's fine." I was a little tipsy and I we wanted to leave, plus no point in making a fuss over some 2 dollars and change.

What irked me this morning when I went grocery shopping was the fact that he did not bother to bring back my change as if he was entitled to the money. I was going to tip him, even though the drinks were bad and it took forever to get our drinks.

I want to call the place to complain.

It may start a heated debate but I think tipping in USA is ridiculous. In most other countries you pay for the meal which is included in service and the workers get paid by the company. I think tipping is just a cultured excuse for restaurants to not pay their workers properly and still charge top dollar on a meal. I rather pay much more for my meal with good service. But now I get subpar service and I am still expected to tip. Insane. I don't eat out much. I rather cook.

Situations like this are what I hate. Mind you I live in eastern Washington where there are not a lot of black people here and I wonder if the man thought because I was black I would not tip. So he intentionally did not bring back my change.

Seattle people are more cultured. I have had to deal with the vilest of people here. I can't get wait till I get out of this town. (School/work).

I really want to call and give them a piece of my mind. It is not the money it is the principal. It is like when you but something at the gas station for 99 cents and the clerk does not give you, our penny change.
BBG dou*ch bag much? I think you fit perfectly in Eastern WA. Thanks for the correction and another stereotype as if other races are expert from making typos on the internet. You certainly fit the low class and possibly uneducated requirement.

Yeah, it was dumb of me to let it go. I just don't like unpleasant situations and I try to avoid them. I won't do that again. I will ask for my change.
Scotty Sent me a personal email:
"From: Scotty
Subject: Hi
Message: Kylie, you cheap whore. $2 and something tip. Then you have the nerve to complain and insult people on Yahoo Answers. I'm reporting your *** to yahoo. If you're so cheap you shouldn't even be going to places like that. Stop being a **** to others on yahoo."

Hey Scotty, thanks for the message. It was fun. Report all you want. Have you always been cry baby or are you having some teenage loser crisis in your small bedroom of perpetual virginity? LOL. Haha, loser will be losers. I bet this is the most action you have gotten in months, try not to jack off to it and mess up your cheap keyboard. LOL Deuces Biach