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    Senior Member Emma's Avatar
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    May 2008

    Me and my boyfriend just argue all the time and i feel so down?

    Me and my boyfriend have been together over 3 years and I love him unconditionally, more than anything and I was sure that he felt the same way but im at a loss at what to do at the moment cause we just argue about anything, i feel i try my hardest in the relationship and whenever we argue or are close to splitting i fight for us and he doesnt ever seem to make the effort to. The last year or so he has seemed like a different person. he says he loves me and cares for me but hes not the kind considerate loving person he was. He doesnt show much emotion anymore he gets angry at me,which he says is my fault cause i make him angry when we argue, i guess thats fair enough im the same its just he used to be so calm and all i want him to do is to take my hand when im upset and look at me and tell me he loves me. But he wont. its like i dont know him anymore. I always say i cant cope anymore and im leaving him but at the end of it all i go back to him cause we both say we want a future together and we love each other. I try and talk things through with him but its like he doesnt care enough to try or listen. I guess i just feel like it was perfect and now its not. Im at uni atm and we were going to try and find a place together when i finish, but i dont think i can live with him if its like this all the time. I dont know what to do my mum says hes just a typical man but i think its more than that. I dont want to leave him i love him more than anything and he says he loves me like that too but the way he is makes me feel otherwise. What should I do here?

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    me and my boyfriend have the same problem . if you find yourself fighting over dumb stuff just look him in the eyes and say, "hey , why are we arguing ??" idk if that will do it for you and your man , but it does it for me all the time .

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    Heart New

    me and my boyfriend are same excepet im going to college soon and we wanna move in together and he always says he wants to marry me and have kids when were older and all this bullshit, but when it comes to arguing he puts his past on me and thats why we argue because im not like a perfect girlfriend because he thinks im going to end up cheating on him like his ex's did, but what he doesnt realize is hes gunna make me leave him and i scared him once by breaking up with him and literally not answeing any of his calls or messages etc.. and he realized shit i dont wanna loose you etc ive been his longest girlfriend and he had changed till bout 2 weeks ago now we argue bout EVERYTHING, and i mean everything stupid things, small things, and when i say hey this is stupid he is always like to you not me... but what he doesnt realize is it is stupid and just wants to fight because thats what him and his ex's did. it sucks hardcore.. and he also tries to pull the whole u do shit wrong to etc.. when i say what?? he says i dont know right now but there is something but never can come up with anything. pretty much alli can say is actually go through with breaking up with him like for more than a couple hours or a day.. see if that works if not than best bet deal with it or leave the only reason im still with my boyfriend is because he has changed and is just he takes forever...... good luck

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    Mail same thing going on

    I have the SAME thing going on. All my boyfriend is whine about what he doesn't have and whine even more about what he wants. we have also been together for three years and he and I are each others longest relationships. It does suck when we fight all the time about everything. I am in the same situation you are and its hard for me to give you advice when iam under the same umbrella...all i can say is to you and myself is "it shouldn't have to be this hard, relationships are difficult...but when it comes to the point where you find urself praying that he will take longer than 10 min taking a shower so you can have some peace, or find urself silently crying to urself...then you know you are unhappy. If you are more than willing to live your the rest of ure life this way (and get married to him...have kids...) then stay with him, but if not I would say its time to find true happiness, even if that means being by urself for awhile.

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    Headphones stupid girl

    same here, I'm really at the end now, 10 years with this supposed man, and everyday i feel stupid, ugly, weak, and sick, he tells me one min he loves me and wants to be with me, then the next min he says he wants me out. I'm really at the end i have gave this guy chance after chance to prove he cares, but he keep failing me, if I could just find the courage to leave, I really want to, then I find me contiplating if I'm doing the right thing. Is it worth the 10 years or no? then i say to myself if I'm not happy leave, but I know if I leave hes ruined it me and relationships period, and I also don't want to be alone.

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    Heart New

    i have the same problembut now its gotten to the point where me and my boyfriend hits each other and he calls me names and say im ugly and he doesnt want me and it hurts buh i dont know what to do.i get redi to leave him buh then he always say he loves me nd pulls me back in the relationship. its just so hard to leave idk wat i should do

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    my boyfriend wants me to quit smoking and ive tryed but i havent succeded. ive smoked for years, and its a little thing i mean hes not asking for alot but its hard for me to give them up but im trying . and ive lied to him before so now he doesnt trust me with anything i say which means we fight alot more about all kinds of stupid stuff and i just recently put the patch on and havent smoked for a few days !!! and i thought that things would get better between us cause i dont smoke anymore but they havent. i dont know what to do anymore i just dont think things are going to ever get better between us and im at the end of my rope . but i dont want to lose him . i have alot of thinking to do

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    Me and my boyfriend fight constantly!! we use to just fight once in a while here and there but now its all day and night and it makes me literally insane! I love him so much and could never picture myself with anyone else but I am deff unhappy everyday.. I cry all the time and he doesnt even care.. I try to sit down and talk to him and try and figure out what the hell the problem is but its like I'm just talking to myself in circles.. the conversation never gets anywhere.. and if we ever do stop fighting and make up its only for a couple mins until we're back to fighting again.. Leaving him never feels like the right thing to do for some reason.. I feel like eventually we will be okay but I dont see it happening anytime soon.. Also, we are together almost 24/7 and I think that could also be the problem and another problem is he is the most stubborn person I have ever met! but with you I would say just trying and sit down with him and try to figure out what the problem is.. becuz yes you fight about a bunch of different things but you gotta look at the big picture! try to figure out what you guys could do to prevent these things from happening.. also on your part, try not to start any fights with him and when he starts fights with u, try to just ignor him and not fight back.. thats something I also need to work on becuz its deff hard to bite ur tounge but somebodys gotta do it.. GOOD LUCK

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    Lightbulb On stop stressing the relationship.change focus my sisters!!

    ok.. ive been going through the same things.fighting all the time. i know lack of trust and lack of respect are the real reasons why. my bf doesnt make me feel safe all the time and i lash out with hurtful words and so goes the cycle..but now that i did leave him..i realize that i gave up myself in the relationship. he didnt and maybe thats why we resenyd eachother.. guys are not supposed to be our whole world only 40% at most. i miss my babyluv and i miss being my independent fun self... i recommend the book called why men love bitches...honestly its my second bible

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    Try having two kids and being in this situation. Having no where to go but a 2 bedroom to live with your mom and 2 sisters. That's 6 people that fight all the time. Well we got kicked out of there and then we got stuck outside forever until I decided there's no where to go but home!! Now I'm stuck here with an emotionally abusive fiance and no place to go... Because he won't fucking leave!!!

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