Please help asap? Ok all I know this is long. Ok very long but I really need help. Idk what to do. Please take the time to read and help. Please please. i can't even tell ilu how important this is to me. Anyone who does...ty so much and god bless.
Ok so I have been with this guy for a yr and a half. He is 24 almost 25 and I am 19 almost 20. We lived together in our own apartment. We have been fighting a lot lately. The past month. We have broken up several times and everybtime I go stay with my mom. About 2 weeks ago we were going through a break up. While staying with my mom I found out I was pregnant. I'm 7 and a half weeks along. My bf and I decided to try and work things out cuz we still love each other and we think it's best for the baby. We were great for a week. Well the morning before last we got into a big fight. He said I was too controlling cuz I want too much of his time. We also fought about our neighbor who he hangs out with. Our neighbor who I hardly know talks crap to my bf about me. He is the one who got my bf to dump me this last time. It makes me upset that my bf would allow thus guy to talk about me and want to hang out with him. Anyways he told me it was over. Said we fight too much and he is tired if trying to make us work out. I begged him not to leave me. Told him we could try counseling or something cuz I love him and am having his baby. He said no. Well since I'm prego I'm very emotional so I cries so hard I made myself sick. Like a child I threw a fit. Lane I know. So I find out later that he went out to dinner with some girl. I don't even know her. Never seen her before. I didn't want to be alone so I went over to his parents house. While I'm there this girl starts texting me using his phone and saying rude crap to me. I told him I wanted to talk to him and work things out. If he really didn't want menu would leave. He said ok. Didnt try stopping me from leaving. So I told my mom to come get me. She was so mad. Said if she comes to get me and my stuff I'm not allowed to go back cuz she is tired of him and me always bouncing back and forth. So I said ok I'm done nit going back. I told him and he said ok. My mom came to get me and that is where I am now. He is texting me saying he made a mistake and wants me back. I said no it's done. I told him I left for good. He says he will never move on with his life cuz he only wants me and my baby. So after talking it turns out he never knew I was leaving until my mom cane and it was too late. He said that girl took his phone without him knowing and was texting me. He saidbhe us so sorry and nade a big mistake. Wants me to come back so he can take care if me and the baby. He says we can start over slow. Says he will sleep on the couch and I can have the bedroom all to myself. Says we can try counseling cuz I'm worth it. I really love him still and want to go back. Never wanted to leave. But the thing is I'm afraid of falling into another trap. My family hates him and won't let me go back. I mean I know they can't stop me but if I go back and it doesn't work out I'm stuck there. I don't have my license and no linger have my job. So many people are trying to get me to get rid of my baby which I don't want to do. Everyone says not to go back to him but I need an outsiders opinion. Someone who isn't my friend who will take my side and someone who isn't my exs friend who will take his side. I really love him but idk what to do. Idk what is right. Please help me. Sorry this was so long. Ty everyone.

Ok few additions. First off thank u all for helping so far. Just knowing that someone is willing to take the time and help brought tears to my eyes. Second, he did mention he didn't want to do therapy at first. He later said he didn't mean it he just said it out if anger. And last, I begged him cuz I love him. Not just for the baby. He is my first with everything. (first bf, kiss, sex life, etc). I do love him more than words can say. In a way he saved my life. I had a rough life and used to be suicidal. (please no judgement)bye showed me I am livable and a good person. I think our problem is lack of communication. We always fight. Never stop and just talk.