I am so frustrated. I love my husband very much..but sometimes he can be so selfish. For example...I have stayed home with our son every time he has been ill. Now today I cannot stay home with my son, as I am the only one at the office, and my husband is upset and being an ass to me. Another thing, my parents help us out all the time, and do things for us all the time, and he cant even spend time with them without bitching, or it being at our house. My Dad has been over helping him renovate our home, and so has my mom. They wanted us to go to thier house for New Years and/ or Christmas, and my husband didnt want to cos it was "to much of a hassle." I mean they do so much for us, it is the least we can do. He does this all the time. He bitches to me about my family all the time, and it makes me feel bad. I told him how it makes me feel, and he does better for a while, but then he slips right back into it. I dont understand why he is such an ass to my family behind thier backs, but will take their help and money. It pisses me off. I want to get him to see that he is selfish, but I dont want to make it worse or start a huge fight over it either. *sigh* Thanks for letting me vent....I am frustrated. lol.
@LifeCoach...he was the one that wanted a child. I did too, but hadnt really thought about it when he brought it up, I was all for it. :-)

@servaldad We have been married for 13 years. He has always been this way. I get over it eventually....I just needed to vent. lol. Thanks. :-)