withdraw from Iraq? when the war is basically won?

http://www.examiner.com/a-1419425~Peter_Schweizer__Conservatives_more_honest _than_liberals_.html
Liberals are so dishonest, and with themselves, too!
Nothing like have terrorists take over one of the world's largest oil reserves! Oh, but the terrorists are the ones that are victims, right liberals? Saddam was a good guy, and America deserved 9/11, right?
Can't read, Tangerine? It is about terrorism, and the effects of withdrawal. Rarely do liberals ever think of consequences. Liberal mentality is worse than a dumb animal.

Liberals defending Saddam torture chambers to this day!
prekin, the Iraq army is not mature. WWII was won 50 years ago, and we're still in Europe. Like I said, liberals have no rationality.
A safe Iraq = Higher oil supply, but liberals disagree. Maybe because liberalism is insane?