doing the complaining ? about her pup moving in 3 wks ago and chewing stuff up on my porch.. when words would not penetrate, sometimes one has 2 do something out of the ordinary 2 grab someones attention. i chained the pup up in the grave yard, 45 steps from the breeders front door.. wanting someone 2 take responsibility of this unwanted pup..4 hrs. later the owners kids came over and unchained the pup and put it in the breeders fenced in yard..and the pup was fine.. the next 2 days the pup was sick and no one took him 2 the vet.. the owner carries the weak pup home and puts him in the house.. the pup couldn't even holds his head up, yet the owner says the pup must of got out and the breeder found the pup lying in the owners yard, the next morning, still alive, but his eye was punctured. he died that night or early morning .. what are the signs of parvo and poisoning ? the pup wasn't throwing up and no diarrhea..