complain? I live in rural west Cork and i was driving home yesterday and going threw my local village and there was an ambulance blocking the street i waited to pass and it was then i seen a hearse.

i assumed that someone had died in the town house but i was wrong!! a man had dropped dead on the spot he was just walking along and dropped dead. i was shocked to see that there was a coffin on the footpath and the ambulance crew were putting the body in the coffin on the footpath!! the guards (Irish police) were there but they were just starring at the body and they didn't even block the footpath!!!!!!!!!!!! there were young children walking home from school and the guards didn't even move them to the other footpath!! surely they should have put him on a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance?? i have never heard of bring the coffin to the body on the side of the street. the funeral home could be seen from where he died surely it would have been more respectful if they had brought him there straight away not make a spectacle of the poor mans dead body!

also the guards didn't cover the scene with a sheet or block it or anything from peoples view and unfortunately just as he was being placed in a coffin there was a bus full of tourists on the other side of the road that could see everything i was so angry with the guards for not showing this man a bit of dignity!!

am i wrong her i thought we were more of a forward thinking nation i never thought i would see a coffin on a footpath in the middle of the day with children walking past it only a foot away from them!

could i complain about the way the guards dealt with this situation or can i complain is it my place.

he was a young man in his fifties with five children my heart goes out to his wife and i hope his family never hear about this

i swear it looked like something out of father ted i dont even want to know what the tourist thought of it all

oh and there was a hospital only 2 mins drive away thery could have taken him in the ambulance there too