Ok, so I'm 13 and going into 8th grade when summer ends. I've had a really rough year and past few years and here's why: first, when I was in 4th grade, my father went to jail for lying about his having a job. In fifth & sixth, he did the same thing. By the way, he works in the theater business (running them, running entertainment companies, etc.). It was the beginning of October this past school year when he was arrested for the second time. He wrote some bad checks. He even wrote a few of them in my mother's name. For the past four years or so we'd been moving from hotel to hotel to rentals because he said we had a lot of money and time to find a place to live permanently. So we had to sneak out of the hotel we were staying at in the middle of night and go to a friend of my mother's house. Eventually we had to move out of state because my mother thought she might be arrested in our state from my father having wrote bad checks in her name. We ended up moving to Buffalo and I had a really awful time there. First of all, I should say that I've switched schools three times already and because of that I was already pretty shy, so when this happened I really never came out of my "shell" Anyway, i got a lot of absences at school from having been very sick with ovarian sists and everyone thought that i was really weird because I kept being absent AND I was new. I made a few friends, but they weren't very close and there were very few of them. After awhile, I found cigarettes in my mother's purse and found she'd lied to me about her not smoking. Having my trust broken even more by a different parent, I fell into a deeper depression and even cut myself once. My father was released from jail a jew months after we were in Buffalo, and my mother started answering his calls, even though she said she was done with him. I didn't talk to him. My mom eventually found how depressed i was and decided that both of us would be happier back in the state where we came from so we moved back after another couple of months, ended up living with another friend of my mother's there for awhile. I've started hanging out with my dad and my trust him was starting to build up when he lied again about my summer camp being paid for and said i'd have to be late a day, another day, another day, now I'm a week into his lie and he's confessed to my mother that he lied about having the money leant to him, but tomorrow he still says i'll be able to go. I'm starting to feel a little depressed again and i think that i might spiral out of control like i did in Buffalo. Can anyone give me some advice?

PS: I'm sorry it's so long, but it's kinda hard to explain without a lot of words.