you let his parents visit? My brother in law -her husband is in jail. it is a long story so we'll leave the details out of that.

Now, tomorrow is his dad's birthday and for the last 2 weeks my MIL and FIL and my BIL's 14 year old son (whom is being raised by the grandparents) planned to go to the visit tomorrow. They gave his wife 2 weeks notice (i was there and witnessed the conversation) and she was fine with it.

this morning when it came time to schedule the visit my sister in law took the visit by the time the parents called -which they called right at the time it opens for scheduling. -meaning my sister in law called immediately to take the visit.

My MIL took off from work to make this visit. It is my FIL's birthday. His son hardly gets to talk to his dad if he goes with my sister in law because she hogs the visit.
in the last 2 months -2 visits a week- they let her take all the visits except one.

she is claiming this is about making her marriage work and she needs to have the booth visit and they can have the video visit -which is later in the week. she is saying this is my BIL's choice. -which is a likely lie seeing how he was ecstatic the other time they went. the thing is she didn't let anyone know, is blaming my BIL (who has no real control over who schedules a visit) and then saying she takes advantage of the 2 visits a week because it's her marriage and her marriage is more important than the other relationships with family.

i say she is being selfish. if it were my husband in jail and he tried to put his parents on the back burner especially on a birthday, he'd get an earful from me and no choice in the matter. -the truth is none of them would do this to thier parents though.

i see the strain this can have on a marriage. really. but seriously i think it's selfish to control what contact anyone has with him. she came over to be nosy when she found out i wrote to him. good gawd.

so simple, would you let your in laws visit your spouse in jail. -keep in mind the relationship is a good one. and he will only be in jail another month and a half and then he will be in a work release program.
its a close family. i am close with my in laws (closer the my own family), i raised his son for 2 years. my MIL is like my mom. my FIL is like my dad. they are not just inlaws.

besides which i am the only one that can handle talking to her. she is kinda a drama lovin witch and likes to start fights by lying to the family. i stay in contact with her for the sake of the 3 children she has. and she and i were close when she first came into the family until she dragged me into her BS. now i am talking to her about what she pulled today. are these details really that important -do you really need them?