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    I always argues with my siblings. please advice what should I do.?

    Im sorry my english are very bad.

    well, I always look up for my elder sister. but she always says hurtful things.
    back before, she was scared sleeping alone and she always wanted to sleep with me even though she was already 25 years old. then I allowed her to sleep with me in my bed and my room.

    I always sleep late, and sometimes I chatting with my friend, but she sleep early. she scold me for being noisy pressing the keyboard all the time. so I moved to the living room, but when I enter my room, she screamed saying I cant keep my walk silent, and she woken up because of that.
    everyday, even when I go to toilet, I flush the toilet, or I raise a glass for a drink, in my room. she screamed at me everyday.

    so after like a few month, I really cant stand it, I tell her, go sleep at your own room. this is my room. you need to stop scolding me. and she threaten me, she's going to jump from the balcony. trust me, it was a drama.

    then I moved to other cities, where I feel sick of being close and being blamed all the time. I live with my gay partner, which they really hated her. and sometimes, when she talked in the berries messengers, she keep on saying hurtful things, like my parents hated me because I choose my partner and so on. and I deleted her from my berries messengers. a few days latter she smsed me, says sorry and I always forgive her.

    I was invited to join my family vacation at dubai, where she get molested and I punched the guy who molested her, and we're asian, my parents are those kind of people who will keep quite if their girls get raped or molested, for them it such a shame. My sister scold me why I should look for a problem. and my dad almost slap me in the public. yet, she didnt think I doing it because I love her.

    when I was a kid, I was bullied at school, I have no friends, and she never there for me, she never defended me, but she scold me again at home, and she was ashamed of me. yet I still loves her.

    these days she always bought me expensive gift, yes she's rich, she worked for my family business and she hold all the money. she bought me 3k usd handbags for my brithday, every year. she bought me cashmere scarf that costs at least 800, branded shoes, and so on whenever she go for vacation and to be honest, Im not that wealthy and I never gave her anything expensive. I send her balloons for her party, and I buy her gadgets that only costs 400 - 500? I just started my own business and im quite struggling because of the crisis.

    now she's married and we live in the same city.
    I just went back from business trip and I bought 4 box of specialty cakes, 1 for her, 1 for my mom, 2 for my each grandmas. My mom was going to meet her and her hubby for dinner, so I already wrote a notes, asking her to pass it to my mom, so my mom can pass it to my grannies.

    I didnt expect I could meet my mom for the next day lunch, so I asked my mom if she received the cakes, she said she didnt, so I asked my sister if she received the cakes. and she become defensive.

    she didnt. she gave the cakes to her in laws and in laws grandma. and I was fine with it. but she was mad and says "why dont you call and tell me, I didnt checked it anymore, you always makes people misunderstanding, you always make problem. even from the office people, like the office boy or the chauffeur." but I rarely uses their service, only i call them to come to my place to pick up gifts for her.

    then I asked her, what is her problem? why did she need to be so hateful? and shes started saying more hurtful things. I know its my bad, I should just keep quite not talked to her back.

    look Im just asking, if she receive the cakes, and she gets so mad. I deleted her again from my messengers because I dont like she's saying a hurtful stuffs to me and its end up Im the one crying. she sms me, and says, she's none in my life. months ago she said, Im no longer her sister and my family members.

    30 mins after that, my moms call and asked me what happend? then I just answers, nothing mom, why?

    well, I just wonder if its really me thats an ass, or is it me who's being too in love with my sister?
    I really feel sad.
    hi, whenever I stand up for my self, the argues become worse. My mom always told me when I was a kid, the second one keep quite. dont talk back.

    shes 30 now, and im 25. and its still happening. and no, I never says "do you think you're the boss?". she even bullied my little sister who's 12. and if I told her to stop it, she will try to make us both feel bad.

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    I usually ignore my sibling and it has been working for me.

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