Are you girls picky or what? I tried to hit on this super cute girl and she knew i liked her right and then we had a few things in common and she seemed interested when i asked her out but on facebook and on Instagram she would complain about not being able to get this guy who doesnt give a shit about her. I can tell that there are a lot of nice guys who try to get at her but dont succede. She has natural beauty and thankfully isnt slutty because i would feel bad for her. I eventually found out that she has suicidal thoughts and heck when i thought she forgot i existed she actually invited me to the movies and stuff but she invited a lot of her guy friends that i never met. I think she likes the attention because for some reason she is clearly one of the most beautiful girls in my city that thankfully isnt slutty (my city has the most pregnant teenagers in the whole western hemisphere) so it is good to see this once in a while. But i dont get it like she liked a guy who didnt give a SINGLE FUCK about her and yet she kept all these guys on her sack. And i was one of them i honestly dont think she cared about me now but i feel like she kind of thought about but still and then this girl complains that nobody gave her attention or gives a shit about her when she has a lot of guys on her. Is she oblivious or is she just a confused freshmen and i am a confused junior. Older woman though ;3