My 3 month old daughter suddenly this past 3 days, screaming like crazy then cry and then fall asleep for longer period, like 3 hours, and the eat and then sleep again for 3 hours and then again eat and sleep again, so she has about 8 hours of sleeping on the day time.
Last week, she's eating about 25-30 oz/day, this past 3 days only eating 18-20 oz, sometimes only 1 oz per feeding, sometimes 4 oz.
Oh yeah, she DOESN'T HAVE REFLUX (already did upper gi study, since her ped insist she having reflux)...not colic or anything.
Is this just a phase?
When I put her on her bouncer, she went from smiling and laughing for a while and then crying.
She cries really hard but when I go to the bathroom and she's see a mirror, her crying stop right away and then smiling again.

Always like that, so I know she's not in pain.
Yesterday she wants to be held all night!
Is this really a phase, when it will go away?