Hello. I'm talking about my 8month GSD Male. We have had a female Boerboel for 3 weeks and they get along well now. Love play fighting. Sometimes if he's lying down she will almost stalk him. She looks a lot like a baby lion stalking in the long grass.

Anyways, he has always been a whiner and has separation anxiety as whenever me or my mum leave him or walk off he whines and barks etc. No destruction yet thankfully. But in the last week or so he seems to be whining and barking a lot more. It is usually in the evenings. We have foxes next door and have always suspected this is the reason. I'm wondering is it the weather? Our fence has been knocked down so he is able to get into the next door garden but we don't let him. any ideas?
Hi guys, my boerboel pup is 12 weeks. Just to clarify I do not own the foxes. The next door neighbour is elderly and has lots of rubbish piled up in her garden so I'm guessing the foxes have adopted it as their den. This fence is nearly broken however it is our fence that has lost a panel. This will be fixed shortly as all we must do is slide a panel back in but we need 3 people. We do not let out GSD ou without leash as he would go next door. Luckily he loves people but either way I will not take the chance.

@katherine what do you mean by intact? As in crop? I had no intention plus it isn't done in the uk