my partner complains about if i talk to an ex or even other guys (i dont have many girl friends and they are to busy with their partners) but i dont really complian about him spending most of his time with his family and prioritizing them over me. i explained i get jealous when his sister calls almost every time him and i are together and it ruined the mood between us. i asked him to please change that. anyways he apparently gets jealous of if i talk to other people but he thinks its ok to him to consider his family most important to him i feel alone and lik ehes bitching about everyone else and blames the whole environment on why our relationship is bad well how about just forgetting about it and stop blaming me for everything that goes wrong. he seems to always hve to find a problem between us. why, im so tired of it.
i was crying today after telling him how many guys ive been with and how here i am right now feeling misterable about all that ive given away and why is it so hard now when i just want a very easy and enjoyable life.

the laughted and said yeah you had so many dicks in your pssy. but ive given a lot too more than just my sex love and yeah im for real i just im tired and he doesnt seem to see that ive given up on trying too hard any more ijust want the easy love. then he said find go and find someone else and i said no i want to be with you dont do that.. im so stressed!