anything worthwhile? Do they have any effect on the military?
Do they donate their time or money to help those less fortunate than them?
Or do they protest from their computers or within the confines of a country protected by the military?
mrlebowski, I never said anywhere that someone can't whine did I? And you don't have to pay taxes to whine, nor do you have to be a citizen. I think your attention must have wandered after the first part of the question.

RipHim, good for you.

I guess I just get tired of people complaining about things but they won't get up off their butt and do anything positive. It's like complaining that you can't lose any weight while stuffing your face.
Good for you Bella. I hope your relatives come home safe and sound.
I served in the Marines.
My wife and I donate money to several charities and money and time to a local man who helps the children and families of migrant workers in south Florida.
I agree that it would be nice if war could be waged with zero civilian casualties but it's never happened yet.
What form does your protesting against the war take?

Nunya, I think most military people are just regular people but some might resent the way they are portrayed by some protestors and interpret that to mean that their sacrifice is not appreciated by the people they protect. I personally feel that just as people have a right to protest I have a right to complain about protestors If I'm traveling and see a military person traveling I like to find out where they've been and tell them that I'm proud of their service. If you support the people in the military, you shouldn't stand by idly while people complain about them. How would you feel if a friend kept silent while others defamed you?
People claim that paying taxes gives them a right to complain. What a bunch of crap. Try withholding your taxes as a protest and let me know where that gets you. Plus, does that mean citizens who don't make enough to pay taxes get no say? How is that fair? So do rich people who pay lots of taxes get more of a say. That argument is just full of holes.
Bella, did you really tell me to shut up? What am I to think of that?
I have as much right to voice my opinion as anyone else.
Reread my question. I never said people couldn't protest or complain. I asked if the complainers have any positive effect on the wars or military and do they do anything else positive for those less fortunate than themselves.