constitutionality of federal actions? Many liberals use the general welfare clause to justify the constitutionality of almost every government program. But, I think this clause can be used to argue that many government programs are UNconstitutional. I think general welfare means that all federal spending must be directed toward to the benefit of the entire country and must not benefit one group at the expense of another. For example, Social Security and Medicare are against the general welfare clause because they benefit senior citizens at the expense of young people. The Dept. of Education is against the general welfare clause because it benefits students and teachers at the expense of those who are not in school. Food stamps, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits violate the general welfare clause because they benefit the poor at the expense of the rich and middle class. Farm subsidies, bank bailouts, auto bailouts, and other forms of corporate welfare violate this clause because they benefit farmers, bankers, and car manufacturers at the expense of everyone else. What if conservatives used this clause to argue against the majority of federal programs, just like liberals use this clause to argue for almost everything?